Be afraid: China is on the path to global technology dominance



Uh, sounds like the Biebs ain’t gonna be settling in futuristic, awesome China…


Why not? At least his music is much better than rap music…



Unigroup’s CEO Zhao Weiguo says he is only building his own factories due to Washington’s refusal to let him invest in the U.S. “Chinese companies have faced discrimination in many areas,” of technology, he says. "Abnormal discrimination.”

US policy backfired.


As far as Beiber, can we ban him from him from the USA also???


It can be possible…very…despacito…:sweat_smile:


Everybody needs to rip the rewards, right?

Indonesian police on Monday said they had detained more than 150 Chinese nationals accused of carrying out a sophisticated scam that netted around $450 million by tricking their compatriots into paying to make legal cases go away.

“This is an international syndicate of online fraud,” Jakarta police spokesman Argo Yuwono told a news conference. “The information first came from China’s police department, so this is a joint investigation.”

Police said the suspects, 148 of whom were Chinese nationals and the rest Indonesian, had been detained during weekend raids in the capital Jakarta, the city of Surabaya and the islands of Batam and Bali.

"The perpetrators are Chinese. The victims are Chinese. It just happens that they operate from Indonesia," Yuwono added.


These guys pray on any Chinese in ASEAN nations. Many Singaporeans are cheated of up to a couple of million of dollars. These type of social engineering scams work quite well on lonely housewives and old folks.



Darn Communist sympathizers.:rofl:

Who said he bought stocks from these companies? :rofl:


It’s about time we call out China on unfair trade. They’re going to use government money to subsidize business costs, and they are going to restrict the ability of US companies to compete in China. If they do, we should ban their companies from selling in the US.


I don’t think anybody is restricting American companies on China. If anything, they did it to themselves due to “moral standards”. For example, google refused to do business in China due to censorship, so Baidu, which is a homegrown competitor, sneaked in and took their spot because Bidu has no problem with censorship.


Exactly. Some American companies want to impose their ways of life in China’s soil. Do what Apple and Amazon did, play within the laws of the land.

[quote=“marcus335, post:193, topic:1951”]
They’re going to use government money to subsidize business costs
[/quote]USA did that too. Uncle Sam has been subsidizing many industries. I think the reason now Uncle is not happy with China is that Uncle no longer has as deep pocket as China to subsidize.



Now Foxconn is building 2 US factories. One will be in Michigan and focus on autonomous cars. Huge investments that’ll create thousands of jobs. We could be seeing a big pivot away from manufacturing in China.


I thought I read it somewhere that this will NOT bring back manufacturing jobs to America because these factories rely heavily on robots…


The Wisconsin one is 3,000 jobs with a potential to be 13,000 depending on demand. They do produce less jobs than older factories, but they are still creating thousands of jobs. That doesn’t count jobs that’ll be created as suppliers build factories nearby to support these ones.


If someone pays me 231K per head to hire a min-wage worker, sign me up!