Be afraid: China is on the path to global technology dominance



I am in China now. Our beloved little real estate forum is blocked in China!! WTF? I need to be careful what I talk about here…

This is the payment screen of Didi, the Chinese version of uber:

They offer 5 options. Number 1 and 5 (not shown) are from tencent. Number 3 from alibaba. And the rest are credit cards.

What can you conclude from this? :slight_smile:


Where is PayPal? :slight_smile:


Another random observation: bike sharing is indeed crazy in china. 8 out of 10 bikes on the road are rental bikes, and I counted 4 or 5 companies whose bikes seem to be everywhere.

You recognize the green logo?


Where is Alipay? :slight_smile:


Jack also wants to know…


My parents TCL TV in Hong Kong is a smart TV but they never used the smart features. Out of curiosity I went on the internet side and surprised to see all sorts of contents available there, free! Movies, kids, news, documentary… it’s all there. And did I mention it’s free?



LONDON — Much of the world’s attention at the Group of 20 economic summit on Friday and Saturday will be on President Trump’s first meeting with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir V. Putin, with strenuous efforts to decipher the nature of the long-distance bromance between them.

But the leader of the world’s other superpower, Xi Jinping of China, will also be in Hamburg, Germany, ready to slip quietly into the widening gap between Mr. Trump and longtime European allies and to position Beijing as the globe’s newest, biggest defender of a multilateral, rules-based system.

Mr. Xi will have just concluded a state visit with Germany, including bilateral meetings and a small dinner Tuesday night in Berlin with the summit host, Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has made no secret of her differences with Mr. Trump.


So US will ally with Russia while China warms up to the EU. Finally, some drastic changes happening… :slight_smile:


China and Germany are becoming the world leaders. We may insert Canada and France in that group. We don’t have anybody with a proper education level enough to take on the subjects at hand. The one we sent there just mumbles jumbles about me, I, they, not we.


Wow planting 40,000 tries makes someone a world leader. What’s the air quality in China vs. the US?

Has anyone protesting leaving the Paris climate agreement actually read what it is? Countries set their own targets, and there are zero penalties for not hitting the targets. It’s literally a meaningless agreement. A country can sign it claiming they care about the environment, and they don’t have to do anything to lower pollution. They can actually increase pollution, and there are zero consequences.


China is doing what America did back in the 1880s… that’s why it’s so polluted.


And The US is going to do what China was doing. All the scientists and any brains are being let go by this administration. Look at the guy at the HUD, the dumb lady at the education dept. Perry in the…I better stop here…I may pee in my pants.

So much for leadership.

China is taking the upper hand here.


Any companies that you know that could last more than 2 centuries? Invest now and your great great great grand children would be pleased with you.


I plan to donate 99% of my wealth to charity. Nothing for my descendants!!! I’m following WB’s lead.


Let China take the upper hand! America should focus less on political conflicts and more on the economy and technological innovation.


I’m the charity. Please write a will with me as the beneficiary.


You are the antithesis of charity :slight_smile:


Like I said before, I am really, really afraid of big bad China…