Be afraid: China is on the path to global technology dominance


Well, we didn’t want to just assume you swung one way. You do like weird boba drinks…:wink:


You guys are such boba haters :unamused: Besides, I only drink it less than once a month anyway because the pearls can’t be good for you.


I actually like boba drinks, just regular fruit stuff. Anything with pineapple I love. My wife likes T4 in Millbrae and she usually orders something weird.



That’s it, let Capitalism grow from within…


Has been growing for the last 40 years and running…


I would like to see the Mao jackets completely gone before I kick it…


Um… if you are talking about democracy then NO.


Well, we all have our dreams…


I wonder what the comrades talked during their 10 minutes conversation in the white house besides the rapid approval of trade marks and whatnot for Ivanka?

We should start vetting anything China…:sweat_smile:‘red-army’-schools/ar-AAttvD5?li=AA4Zpp&ocid=ientp





Tencent’s PE is still way lower than Amazon. I am very bullish on Tencent, even more so than Alibaba. I sense Jack Ma’s ego is getting a little too big and taking eyes off the ball. Pony Ma, the double-horse, is non flashy and just grinds it. My type of leader.

If you use WeChat at all, even the crippled Western version, you will notice it still carries very little ad. Tencent is just getting started to milk the ad cash cow. Add to it all the peripheral products that feed off WeChat’s captured audience we have an empire much more lucrative than Facebook.

Tencent just spun off its book business. Do you know online fiction is a huge business in China? Facebook is very primitive compared to Tencent.


I agree with you manch.

A person in China can basically live their entire life out of WeChat. FB is nothing compared to that ecosystem.


Well, you can say that I live my entire life out of Apple because when I’m not on my iPhone, I’m on my Mac… :rofl:


Also, no matter how sophisticated Chinese companies have become, they have yet to cross over to international markets. I’m beginning to wonder if that is going to hold for the long term. In the process of building the great firewall, the Chinese have managed to not only block foreign infiltration but also prevented domestic companies from expanding overseas. Facebook can afford to be primitive as compared to Wechat because Tencent can never compete successfully with Facebook outside of China. Facebook can slowly copycat Tencent’s technology with absolutely the slightest need to rush itself, if at all.



There are so many successful Chinese companies operating outside China and yet we have people think China can’t operate outside. Guess the reason could be the definition of success, too much media influence or whatever reasons I don’t know.


I went to buy food to this Chinese restaurant before last Saturday. I ordered something they didn’t have on the bins so I had to wait. The old lady, sat and stood their with her eyes looking at a distance. I turned around and…I see this TV monitor and on it, this bus driver, one of those private buses in China I guess…was driving, dropping and picking up passengers.

I waited for 10 minutes, during which I wasted my life watching a normal though pathetic life of a bus driver. And here I am, complaining of watching American football any time I go to these restaurants. Jesus!