Be afraid: China is on the path to global technology dominance



It says the real value of a jetliner isn’t the flying mechanics but the electronics and the networking. I beg to differ!!! Shouldn’t you innovate on how fast you can get from point a to point b??? :rofl:


They don’t make the engines. Engines are all made by someone else. I’m not sure how many companies anymore. I don’t follow it that close and there’s been some mergers and acquisitions.


Well they better get their act together soon or they might be replaced by rockets (hint: Space X)… :wink:


Uh, maybe hold off on the thought…



Wow, SF PUC pauses use of drones from Shenzhen based maker DJI for fears of Chinese surveillance of US infrastructure…



@sfdragonboy have you ever been to China? Recently?


I went to mainland China with a bunch of friends years ago, maybe in early 2000s. I was not anticipating a great time, but actually did, and it was very, very instrumental in getting me introduced to my lovely wife (so, priceless). I did not go to HK with the girls who went for an extra few days of shopping. Yes, I am sure it is crazier than ever. In Shanghai, Maseratis were already spinning on turntables in dealerships…


Chinese are the most wealth-conscious and status-conscious people ever. Too bad the century of humiliation quashed their dreams of glory. Now they are coming back with a vengeance. There’s no doubt in my mind they will become some of the wealthest people ever graced this planet…


Agreed, but I still say their way of government will hold a tad of that back some. You can only do so much in an environment froth with corruption and censorship. Freedom is priceless…


Disagree. Only 2 factors determine wealth and they have nothing to do with freedom:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Capitalism


Uh, must I remind you that Mao jackets are worn over there…Capitalism is not the law of the land…


Freedom is indeed priceless but I agree with @wuqijun it doesn’t have much to do with wealth. China’s rise over the last 30 years proved that point resoundingly.

There is theory saying as China gets richer it will converge with the West in terms of political freedom. I used to subscribe to that view. I no longer think that’s the case unfortunately.


Unless you calculate freedom as part of the GDP, you might be surprised. From what I understood, concentration of power at the federal level greatly sped up their infrastructure build and improvement, at a speed unimaginable in a democratic country.


They don’t call it capitalism in China. They call it “socialism with Chinese characteristics”. It’s even more jungle capitalism than the West


Obviously wealth itself can be had, but my point is that it doesn’t matter because at any given sec that could be taken away from you without reason. Again, if China were so great, why is all the money from the smart ones flying out of the country? Actions speak louder than anything folks…


I didn’t say it’s great. I only said it will get wealthy. Very, very wealthy. That’s like Faust’s bargain.

Even people who moved away from China their spouses may still have business in China because it’s just so much easier to make money there.


Because China is not quite there yet. Why would I want to live in a country in which the average income is $8000 per year? It will take time, but make no mistake China will get there…