Be prepared! Thousands of new millionaires in San Francisco

I have Tahoe vacation homes for sale. These new millionaires should keep their rent controlled apartments and buy second homes.

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They will kill each other for properties n-around SF.

Let the Olympic games being! :laughing:

Time to build more apartments.

I agree.

I went to SF yesterday.

My brand new sport car, a very expensive one took a hit. I swear, I would never, ever lived in that POS place. They are always “repairing” something, and Van Ness and all those streets pavement is like driving on the moon.

I have shown videos to my friends back in Guatemala and the US and they are amazed to see that town as any third world country town. The lack of gentrification as I call brand new, beautiful, and remodel homes, streets in perfect condition is not anywhere to be seen. It is a decrepit place, they should take down all those one story, beat up units that aren’t painted, and build baby, build!

I saw a fellow painter spraying the metal door at this apartment. Nice I said, but what good is to paint a screen door when the surroundings looks like an obliterated, abandoned place in the third world country? Places that haven’t seen a coat of paint in 20-30 years? How people with a high end education can live like that? Like in a piggy place?

Gentrification my arse!

Congrats on the new car. Pictures?

My chauffer is taking it to the car washing :sweat_smile:

Att. Your Nigerian friend.