Beach House in SoCal

If you were going to buy a second place close to the beach in SoCal, where would you focus? I’m a big fan of Laguna Beach. Worried about erosion and fire issues in places like Malibu. What do people think?

But in the age of Airbnb why would you want to own a second home though? Why not just dabble in different houses in different beaches? Sounds more carefree and fun than being tied down to one.

You can buy a trailer cheap, but the park rent is over $3400/m.
Homes are in $2m and up range. Beach front probably $10m plus. There is a trailer park in San Clemente right on the beach. Pricey trailers with high park rents.,-CA_rb/

This is a great point and something I grapple with. Challenge is when I get to retirement I’d really like to get out of the Bay Area from Dec-March. Not sure if I’ll be able to swing that using AirBNB. Need someplace with sun and diversity.

Thailand. Mexico. Australia. Caribbean. In Ca I would pick San Clemente or San Diego. Florida is another option

I love north of San Diego area around Delmar and Carlsbad stretch.

This is where Richard Nixon lived I believe. I’ve always wanted to check it out.

How about where Romney has a vacation house? La Jolla is super nice.

San Clemente is the southern most part of Orange County. So it gets the least amount of LA traffic. Plus Camp Pendleton buffers it from San Diego traffic. Warning you can here bombs and artillery from Marine maneuvers once and a while. It is my favorite California beach town.

The problem with this approach to retirement is that I think your social circle plays a big role in your longevity. Maybe just staying in one place is healthier than moving around.

I agree with this statement. I am curious on what are you thinking? Like living in Bay Area more of the yr and get a second beach house for a few months for the yr? If so, leaving beach house empty most of the yr?

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Theory of relativity says moving slows aging :rofl:

Yeah that was kind of the idea. But maybe it’s just better to travel around for a month or two and see different places.

Second house is such a major commitment.

Buy a condo

The condo market will heat up

As the economy reopens and more people are back to work, more people will be looking to buy a reasonably priced home. And right now the most reasonably priced homes are the condos that buyers shunned during the pandemic. During the pandemic, condos sold at a 17.3% discount to single family homes, the largest discount since at least 2013, but post-pandemic condo prices will likely grow faster than single family home prices and the discount on condos will shrink.


Buy a condo in San Francisco or New York City. The flight from cities is temporary. Price will rebound strongly next year when people move back.

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I looked around for the same reason but didn’t really find something that’s a good deal. What’s your area or price range for good invesment condo in SF?

You guys may be a year or two too earlier :slight_smile:

If you’re serious about a Laguna Beach home, nothing decent on the market for less than $2m. I was raised in town and know the market well (Not a practicing realtor BTW) If you’d like a referral to someone who knows that market, PM me.

Rather than sink 2m into one home I’d rather buy 4-5 cash flow positive rental units in a landlord friendly state, then rent an oceanfront home for $10k a week.

Thanks for reading

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How about this?