Bear market is over, we’re in a new bull market since start of 2019

What if the bear market is already over?

Bear market in US happened in the 2nd half of 2018. WS refused to call it a bear market because it missed the arbitrary definition of minimum 20% decline by a few 0.1s %.

Bear coming back? Or is the coronavirus a buying opportunity?

These events are buying opportunities. People always over react.


I wanted to buy some TEAM and INTC last Friday. Are they good buy still?

If you liked them last week, you should like it better today.


I like TEAM to be much cheaper. Didn’t drop much.

A history lesson. I predicted the bear market. I bet we all wish it was January again.

Good job. When is the next bull market?

Some people say it already started at the low last month. I think August is a better bet.


Many people are hoping the shutdown to last for eternity. For them, the bull market will never start.

Many? Who wants that?

Many are suggesting the shutdown to be longer, 3-4 months to 18 months, or till a vaccine is found. Bill Gates is a good example.

Bill is rich but he’s still only 1 person.

Democrats are unhappy at Supreme Court for allowing Wisconsin elections to continue last Tuesday. Similarly, democrats want to use shut down to allow voting by mail, which Trump has said is a source of voter fraud. They are unhappy about it. The believe the longer the shutdown continues, the better it is for their political goals.

Vote by mail is the only way to go. Fraud is a red herring. I have voted by mail for ten years. Many elections in Tahoe are by mail only. Now you can track your ballot and see when they received. Standing in line to vote is an 18th century concept. Hell today you can buy a house without even seeing it. Why vote in person?


A lot of dead voters have voted too by mail besides yourself. That is why it is called fraud.

Not much proof except maybe on Breitbart news. Lots still on the rolls remember 3m die every year. But they check signatures just like at the polling stations. I have no problem with more and better security. But vote by mail is accepted throughout the country.


You cannot wash away fraud by saying, Breitbart. Fraud is a fraud even if it is by a single vote.

It is all about percentages. The proof of fraud is very thin and a lot less than in 1960. Remember the myth about Daley in Chicago got the unions to double vote and put Kennedy over the top. I bet his dad later regretted that decision. Imagine if Nixon not Kennedy was shot in Dallas.

Voter fraud is always claimed by loosers.

Trump is the only one who won and claimed there was fraud… with no evidence


Trump is winner. He is the one fighting voter fraud. Looser want vote by mail so that dead and illegals can vote. The only way loosers can win is by cheating. Fraud exist and that is why those who expect to loose due to honest voting are resisting effort to implement voter id. How relevant are examples of 1960 other than to obfuscate the issue.