Berkeley Law Professor on Asian American and Democratic Party

A UC Berkeley Law professor is asking Asian Americans to end its “blind loyalty” to Democratic Party.

John Yoo is a Korean American. Seems that Koreans are the most outspoken group among Asian Americans. They are not afraid of being different and outspoken. They are not afraid of being criticized.

Jane Kim is another example on the other side. She is not afraid of being criticized and is willing to do anything to advance her career at any cost to other people.

Chinese and Japanese seem to be less willing to speak up and are more afraid of criticism from mainstream opinions.

Is Korean culture more tolerating on different opinions and require less obidience from kids?

Koreans have just been here longer and more assimilated.

Really? I thought Chinese were the first to arrive in USA.

I think it might be culture heritage. Maybe Koreans are less afraid of being criticized and they are willing to speak up and willing to take risks on possible adverse impact on them.

Many other Asian professors hold similar views as John Yoo, but most don’t even dare to talk about it publicly, not to mention to publish an article which can be cited forever. Actually many say things in public that’s opposite to their real opinions.

Yes but the Chinese who came in earlier were discriminated against in terms of migration laws (was the chinese exclusion act repealed in 1975?) and I believe more focused on low skilled work.

But in terms of not being discriminated against, and coming in a large community that attempted to integrate might be the Koreans. Have a lot of 2nd generation Korean American friends. Their parents were a lot of small business owners and professionals. The kids are pretty american in most aspects but with some of the asian pros and cons that come with having parents that were asian immigrants

Actually both Clinton’s speech writers in the Office are Republicans and are of Asian decent. The Koreans came way later. In this area some arrived around late 1920s through Hawaii ~60-70 years later than the Chinese working in Sunnyvale-Santa Clara area picking strawberries. In fact, most of El Camino Real near Santa Clara were where the Koreans always congregated. As a small country being squeezed between Japan and China. They learned to push back and all genders are more outspoken can sometimes physical punching each other. You will see more Asian presence in the Office and more at local governments.
Political parties

Asian American is the second most loyal democratic voters, only second to African Americans. More Latinos support republicans than Asians.

So Asian Americans just vote blindly and never consider its own interest as an important consideration? Seems that Koreans care more about their own interests and are not shy in speaking up for their interests.

Chinese and Indian Americans seems to be shy and are relcuctant to speak up for their own interest and seems to be eager to be politically correct. Chinese and Indian Americans seem to be more willing to sacrifice their own interest to be more likable by the mainstream democrats.

“In recent presidential elections, Asian Americans have consistently voted Democratic. In 2012, exit polling shows that 73% of Asian voters turned out for Barack Obama, second only, among racial/ethnic groups, to African Americans. In 2016, two-thirds of Asian voters supported Hillary Clinton, again second to black Americans and this time tied with Latinos. Asian Americans last voted for a Republican for president way back in 1996, when they went for Bob Dole (about the only voters who did, it seems).”

Asians may come to think that ideology is as “true” as the scientific research produced by Nobel Prize-winning universitie. Are highly educated Asians more susceptible to brain washing because Asian’s particular respect for higher education?

“More insidiously, Asian Americans may also be brainwashed by their respect for higher education. As the Harvard situation shows, some of the nation’s best schools are willing to corrupt merit and achievement in the service of a politically correct racial balance. Asians may come to think that ideology is as “true” as the scientific research produced by Nobel Prize-winning universities. Asians are fighting for admission to the very institutions that discount their talents and achievements.”

I don’t think i represent typical Koreans well but i am an outspoken person. I do care more about what i believe true than what others talk about me or my opinion after speakng up. Unless i offend innocent people, i am not afraid of speaking up. However, as i grow older, i am trying to improve the way i lay out my opinions mostly in more gental way.


I think you are more like John Yoo and Jane Kim than regular Koreans. Are educated Koreans generally more outspoken than average ones?

I thought you prefered email/text over face-to-face conversations?

Right. In that way, i can review what i am going to say before sending. That helps me eliminate unnecessarily emotional part.

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Over 98 percent of Koreans aged from 25 to 34 graduated from junior college, university or graduate school, showed the OECD’s 2010 Education at a Glance report released Tuesday.

I am not sure what is your definition of educated Korean, but 98% has college degree.
Thus, almost all of them are well educated from my perspective.

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When are you going to run for SJ mayor or school board?

Not Jane Kim level outspoken. (Sorry if I misled you.)

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@BAGB is obsessed with anybody named Jane :joy:

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Also this John Woo guy is the one who wrote the torture memo for Bush.

I have been wondering whether Jane was Jane Kim and came here to spy on us :rofl:


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