Berkeley voted fifth best city in America

Communism that works!

But, but, Bayview is not in Berkeley (or, is it?)…

Checkbook liberals can afford communism…the rest of us can’t

“Ann Arbor, Michigan took the number one spot for best cities, with the likes of Naperville, Illinois taking the silver medal.”

How many people want to live in Ann Arbor or Naperville? Berkeley is worse than those 2 cities according to this ranking

Berkeley is the worst of the worst…Voted as one of the top ten worst cities to build new housing in the BA

No new housing means the existing homeowners have it all to themselves.

No it means more homeless and people living in their RVs

Berkeley home price is not high. It seems a bargain. Cheaper than Millbrae but seems a better place to live due to its college town status

I’m surprised that Berkeley’s strict planning and building policy did not push up its price too much. Is it due to Oakland’s dragging?

Berkeley has high crime, crappy schools, racial strife and a lot of radical wackos…no wonder its cheap

Houses on the Berkeley flats are inexpensive. Up in the hills though they can be expensive. I like those on the edge of campus in the hills. You can still stroll down for a coffee and bagel. Schools are bad though. So you’d need to budget in private schools.

Berkeley schools are bad? I see they are mostly 9 or 10.

How is Berkeley high school ranked? Are UC faculty and stuff not spending time to educate their kids?

Elementary schools there are some good ones. Middle schools are mediocre and high school bad.

Berkeley high is flat out dangerous. …