Bernie Sanders, It's Over | RealClearPolitics (Biden?)

Will Bernie have a chance for nomination? He loves commie dictators.

Hispanic people from socialist countries actually hate socialist :rofl:

“Sanders has long had sympathy for leftist governments. Once a self-described socialist — he now uses the term “democratic socialist” — Sanders has spoken favorably in the past about socialist and communist strongmen. Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, Sanders once said, wasn’t “perfect” but “totally transformed” the country. And Nicaragua’s leftist leader, Daniel Ortega, was “an impressive guy,” Sanders argued.”

No Bernie Sanders from RealClearPolitics

Bernie is an egomaniacal asshole. Trump would love to have Bernie as an opponent. In fact he is the main reason Hillary lost. Every has been is coming forward. What about Hillary? Bill may start promoting her.

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@bagb, thought you didn’t want to discuss politics, so why are you starting up a thread labeling with terms you obviously don’t understand? Not that anyone is taking your topic seriously, but here is the complete interview to provide context as to where those “quotes” came from (I challenge you to watch the whole 44 minutes):

It shows why his opponents are rushing like mad to bury Sanders from publicity. Regardless of whether or not you agree with them or not, his values and actions have been consistent and stood the test of time. The honesty reflected in that speaks volumes to a lot of people (particularly when the incumbent cannot get through a tweet without contradicting himself). Could be a reason Bernie Sanders’ 2020 presidential campaign was able to raise $5.9 million from 223,000 donors within the first 24 hours.

Sanders has been an idiot and a gadfly since the 60s. He wasn’t even a Democrat until he decided to torpedo Hillary. He is responsible more than anyone for Trump. Just like Nader in 2000, he is a traitor to Democrats. So any Democrat who supported him should be proud that Trump is president.

I think anti-corruption and corresponding fit for the role will be a factor in the next presidential election.

I love talking about some politics when I like to, it’s my constitutional right :smiley:

No amount of inaccurate and vague accusations can distract me from my politics :rofl:

Someone is mad. I was just posting an article from RealClearPolitics. If you are mad, attack them instead :rofl:

:rofl: :joy:

Beware, folks

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Socialism is bad. I hope Hillary can come and get rid of this socialist again :rofl:

Or Biden.

Democrat can’t wait to get rid of Bernie, who is not even a democrat

The top Democrat is undeclared. So is Hillary. Wonder which would win.

As of today, Biden and Sanders might be the top two contenders. Not sure who else could be a strong contender and not yet announced.

All other people are simply supporting actors and hope to be chosen as a running mate

Hillary might as well throw her hat in the ring. She is preferrable to the current slate of mental midgets. Biden and Bernie together have IQ of less than 80

Seriously? Like totally ruined the country.

Not convinced. I think Biden would do better than Hillary, and he doesn’t already have a defeat on his hands. The worst that could happen is Trump could beat Hillary again by a wider margin by reaching out to people who had previously supported her. He’s already shown his base that he keeps his campaign promises.

The goal should not be simply defeat Bernie. We need to beat socialism and get rid of socialism from those naive minds. We need to let people work. Once people start working, they will enjoy their work and throw socialism into the toilet

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The progressives aka socialists want free healthcare that will cost over $32 trillion. Free housing in trillions. Free college in hundreds of billions. All to be human rights. Of course they have no concerns for the rights of wage earners that will have to pay for it all.

Current budget is $4trillon a year. Free medicalcare alone would almost double the budget.


What is Hillary going to do? After all the two leading Democrats are older and less substantial. And arguably less electable

Let’s be clear. The Soviet Union, Cuba, and North Korea all use(d) walls or natural barriers to keep people from leaving. No one is/was trying to get into those places. They needed to force people to stay to avoid max exodous. Meanwhile, the US is so successful far more people want to move in than leave.

China only started to develop a middle class once it dropped hardline communism and started to embrace capitalism. Just look at the economic boom and how much better off the average person is.

Democratic socialist always phrase the question to get the answer they want. Do you want universal healthcare? People will say yes. Ask do you want to pay a 40% effective tax rates vs your current 3-7% to have universal healthcare? You’ll get a very different answer, and the second question is correct one. It actually makes people evaluate the trade off in benefit vs cost. If you offer people a benefit and promise someone else will pay for it, then of course most people will want the benefit. You might as well ask people if they want a brand new car for free.