Best City In The World - London!

with Singapore following (@hanera, need to reconsider your Singapore again)

London doesn’t have live-in maids for all kinds of household chores!!! This is not used because there are no such services in Western Europe and USA. Also, no capital gain tax, and no estate tax !!! You can live in your subsidized HDB and rent out your expensive private condo/ landed property !!! Damn good food at HDB prices or damn good services in westernized fine restaurant, your choice !!! And many goodies…

God, I’m sold!!! Aah, but can I afford Singapore though?.. i may be singing and poor soon…:grin:

Stay in subsidized HDB, no car and cook at home (or eat at HDB), US$30k p.a. is sufficient for you (and your wife). With your qualifications, easy to get jobs higher than that pay, be a teacher, very good pay not like here. Since your wife is gorgeous, she can sell insurance or houses, guarantees good business. Then figures out where to buy a condo for rentals, which should pay for your expenses easily without touching your pay. There are many multi-millionaires, Cabinet Ministers and Military Generals staying in HDB, so is not a shame :slight_smile:

No capital gain means you’re essentially getting 20%-50% higher pay than Americans at the same pay.

But SG has the worst weather in the world.

What? It’s just tropical all the time right? I can deal with humid I think.

@hanera, we are planning to go next year for 3 weeks (Malaysia/Singapore) since wifey misses her family. You want to play tour guide for me as I scope out what opportunities there are for a San Francisco native???

According to my wife, she would be a dime a dozen over there. My response was, sweet, when are we going???:slight_smile:

Hey, I’m living in SV, USA :slight_smile: not in Singapore.

Must visit places in Singapore are: Sentosa, Orchard Road at night, China town and Marina Bay. Others such as Chinese and Japanese garden, Mandai zoo, Casinos, etc, up to you. Not sure there would be Formula one or rock concert then. Easy to stage overseas visit to Bali (popular honey moon destination) or up North to Malaysia (good seafood and tasty Malaysian food especially ipoh hor-fun, satay, …) and Thailand (James Bond island is very nice and Cheng mai).

Ok, I am glad you confirmed that. I could have sworn you said in the past that you were there…

Very tasty food at ridiculous cheap prices, ofc China town for all kinds of food, Tiong Bahru market (especially Chwee kueh, dumplings), Chomp Chomp at Serangoon (all kind of sea food) and Old Airport road (for all kinds of local foods). Must eat Begawan Solo kuehs (all Plazas have them) and Hainanese Chicken Rice (best at Thompson road).

All plazas are near MRT stations and have food and clothing stores, above are just my top favorites.

Went there in July and back :slight_smile:

My wife swears by the street vendor food back home (both Malaysia and Singapore). I just don’t get how she can be so compulsively clean here yet be completely ok with the cleanliness of those street vendors. It is not like they have running hot water to clean plates and utensils right?

Probably time to buy UK properties with the pound being so low…

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And yet, you are still able to type out a reply here on the forum.

Your wife is not westernized yet. I should introduce her to mine. :grinning:


Yes. Mine does not take well to comments such as that. And, she can hold her own against just about anyone, even me. She’d has something to say when I make quips like that. Usually enough to make me regret I said it. :stuck_out_tongue:

First of all, that was never actually said to my wife. Just joking here. Besides, my wife knows she is pretty and yes I know I am a lucky man. How can she not know? She is in sales so she talks to men all day and they often buy her lunch, candy or wine even though everyone knows she is married. Women hate my wife. She is the ultimate nightmare. She works hard, is extremely customer focused and then she is easy on the eyes. Someone like that can sell ice cubes to eskimos every day of the week.

Ive been trying to move to London recently (N12) but been unable to find a good moving company, does anyone have any suggestions for one?