Best compact suv

As the forum goes out of topic so frequently, I thought why not ask the most useless question to test the waters :slight_smile:

We’re in the market for compact suv (crv and the like). This is for my wife, so safety trumps driving dynamics. I see 2 categories: normal vs. luxury.

  1. Normal seems to point to CR-V. Recently had some issues regarding engine oil getting into fuel tank (or was it the other way around?)

  2. Luxury points to Audi Q5. Yes, Audi has frequent reliability issue, but so does all other luxury brands it seems.

We do want Android Auto and automated frontal brake. Any suggestions? :wink:

Toyota all the way

I have been driving CRV for 14 years. 200k miles later and the car is still going strong. The most practical car ever.

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Cars are dirt cheap here! So cheap, is a sin not to buy luxury car. This the perspective of a person from a nation where car is the most expensive in the world, about 5-10 times more expensive than here.

However, I won’t choose Audi Q5 since I hate going to the repair shop. Choose the most reliable one in this category, Acura RDX. Frankly, I prefer bigger SUV, so would buy Lexus RX.

Tesla Model Y in 2 years :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously though car choices are personal, go with what you guys prefer


Thanks. Leaning closer towards CR-V, though RDX is difficult to avoid. The newest RDX has a weird touchpad to control the infotainment system (and likely would carry over to other Acuras), plus weird gear “buttons”. UX in Cars nowadays are going super wacko esp in luxury brands - I get that they’re trying to revamp the UX, but no iPhone has been invented yet. :frowning:

All the landlords here drive old Toyotas and Hondas. Only rich tenants drive luxury cars.


Exactly–luxury cars tell you it’s time to up the rent.

That’s mean. :slight_smile:

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You seem to use similar logic in buying your big mansion in Austin.


That’s right. Houses in SV are dirt cheap compared to Singapore, and houses in Austin are dirt cheap compared to SV. Actually I wanted to buy a 11,000 square footage house on a few acres of land. Now force to settle for a smallish 3500 square footage on a 0.3 acre land.

For car, I have wanted to buy a Porsche or Lamborgini but would look out of place in my neighborhood. So I am driving a humble Toyota Camry.

Personally, if only two categories are qualify, then my wife will say yes.

  1. Top View Surround camera
  2. Apple car play or Android Auto.
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I know a guy who is in the Silicon Valley engineering hall of game, got $250k bonus 16 years back when he was just a manager, drives Corollas and takes a bus going to work even today.

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Would you rather I raise the rent on the mother of 6 driving a beat up Honda minivan?

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The ultimate luxury is the security of a reliable car.

Since moving to AZ I’ve been trying to find something in 4-wheel drive that has slightly higher clearance than the Mazda 3s I’m driving now. I gave up and will keep driving the 3s. It has 5.9" of clearance which is an inch or two less than I would like on some of those Forest Serviced roads but the trade-offs in power and handling with all the alternatives are just too great. So I’ll beat up the Mazda, use it up way before it’s time, and then buy another one.
I thought about a Jeep Wrangler just for those FS roads during the monsoon but a local mechanic talked me out of it. He said just get a Polaris ATV. They cost nearly $1 a mile to drive given the price and expected life. I said surely even a Chrysler product is a better deal than that. He said “no.”

Used 4Runner or small truck. Good ground clearance and compound low for crawling up the mountain

Good idea. I don’t need much power though - just the clearance and suspension and I only need to carry 2-3 people so I’m thinking maybe a 4 cylinder Tacoma lightly used.