And has it performed well??? You know you will get a premium if you sold it right???

Yes, although it’s a rental now. It’s potential yet to be materialized!!!

Wow, who doesn’t know where this is on the food chain???

Cool, toys in the yard…


Thought I was hallucinating when I saw dinosaurs there driving on 280 the other day. I thought oh maybe they always had them and I just didn’t notice?? Man…

Dumb house with even dumber owners. Great freeway views… lol

Ok, for us older folks who grew up on Brandy Bunch, this house was pretty special…

looks like a beautiful home too, from the outside :slight_smile:

Gah! You beat me to it!

I LOVE that house. Really funny on the drive from 280. The dinosaurs are truly awesome!

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Checkout the photo gallery.

Weirdest kitchen ever.

The city is ridiculous. Why not sue the State for the obnoxious noise and pollution from 280. 1000 times more offensive that this stupid house. Who else would want to live by the freeway except for the eccentric current owner.

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Owner is a Chinese lady.

Florence Fang doesn’t look like a pushover.

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““This is intolerance and elitist behavior from the town of Hillsborough. It is unconstitutional, and we will fight back vigorously in our answer and cross-complaint.”

If someone has a problem with intolerance, elitist behavior and unconstitutional actions one wonders why they haven’t left the state :slight_smile:

If it wasn’t for a nut like Fang this house round be an abandoned eyesore. The city should give her a medal not abuse.


In fact, she made is nice looking now. City administrators may be jealous :rofl:

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She doesn’t look like a Flintstone fanatic.