As I come up 280 I always look at this fun house. Yeah, it is not for everyone (especially at that price) but who didn’t like the Flintstones right???

This has been in the market many months, reduced price repeatedly.

I know, but it is quirky. Let’s see you find a comparative sale on this one…:slight_smile:

It is a horible house next to the freeway


It’s baaaaack…

I would change the address to 48 (come on, what is around there to matter??? )…some lunatic buyer into numbers would then buy it

I always notice this house whenever I drive past it. Love it! Of course, wish I had enough mullah to buy it!

Never thought it was a house. Always assumed it’s a quirky play structure :slight_smile:

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Shoot, apparently you can actually stay there a night with your significant other…pretend you are Fred and Wilma

Don’t get the appeal…Like living in a cave with a view of the freeway

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Finally…in contract!!!

Next, that chinese pricing disaster in the Outer Mission…

Wow! Fred Flintstone finally cashed out his stock options…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think it will be" turned to Ruble" as some said on Socketsite. Do the virtual tour before it’s gone Home - FlintStone House

OMG, if you think this house is unusual, you haven’t seen the plan for a second unit from the owner, imagine if it was built!

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Hmmm, sold for 2.8M. Coincidence? No way!!!

Chinese buyer!!!

Or, someone wanting to match 280 freeway with purchase price 2.80M…:slight_smile:

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No. Chinese for sure.

You bought it…:grin:

Yes, I’ll make couple simple modifications and resell for 3.8M…

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Change the address to 88 and boy you will hit the jackpot! Come one, how can that be 45 Berryessa Way? There are NO other houses around on the side of the mountain!!! Will anyone challenge your changed 88 address? Postman and Amazon might need to be made aware…:grin:

I’m sure that Chinese buyer will take care of that in due time…

I do own one lucky number with one of my properties: 2088 :smile: :smile: :smile: