Best Texan Cities for Investment

Looking To Buy A Home In Texas? These Cities Are The Best Investments

The most difficult among the large Texas markets right now is Austin, a victim of its own success. Not that you shouldn’t invest there, but that home prices right now are high and will eventually peak in a boom & bust. Rapid population growth almost doubled home prices in the last 10 years, and the growth of the population itself has created a large number of jobs. The growing tech and tourist industries have boosted an economy that was mainly government/university and slow growth. But higher housing costs by themselves will dampen growth. With home prices high, you’ll do best to subdivide a large home into rental units. The rental market is sure to increase.

Fort-Worth, the younger less-loved sibling of Dallas, may be the better long-term bargain in this area. Home prices also have been rising 10% a year, but they’re lower than in Dallas and the market is not nearly over-priced. Yet job growth and population growth have pretty much been the same.

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Umm, you could say the same about the Bay Area except the population growth is an even lower percentage, and home prices still doubled.

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