Beverly Hills In The Sunset

Shoot, what is wrong with Beverly Hills???

Yes, bring BH to the sunset please.

Beverly Hill would be the dream of Sunset residents! These stupid and skill lacking planning commissioners are worried about their jobs actually. They want to keep their “planning” job even if it means to make thousands of people homeless and housing super expensive for 800k people.

"What do we have left to actually decide [if the new laws pass]?” Richards wondered. “What else are we going to sit here for?”

Commissioner Kathrin Moore was even more dour, calling the law “the antithesis of planning” and a “dictatorial, Trump-like” bid to sap local authority.

“I do not understand how a former supervisor can be so unappreciative and non-understanding of the dynamics of what this city can do,” said Moore.

On the other hand, Commissioner Rich Hillis, while noting that he too found the bill in its present form too broad, said, “I applaud Scott Wiener, I think he’s got the broad interests of California in mind.”

All those grannies pushing grocery carts are movie stars at heart. :smile:

These “planning” clowns are running out of excuses now. They are relating Scott Wiener to Beverley Hills then to Trump.

Simply they don’t even have a good excuse to justify their objection. All they can say is Beverly Hills and Trump. The new mayor should shit down planning commission and let them retire with a free pension


Again, we all know that if Wiener’s Bill passes, it is not like there is going to be a ton of building overnight all over the place. People seem to forget that it still takes a lot of money and planning from the owners/developer side. They are frankly worried about nothing.

Planning commission is the enemy of new housing. Planning commissioners are all Trump-like to property owners and aspiring SF tenants.

Planning commissioners are Trump-like themselves. Scott Wiener is not Trump-like at all.

We can make this law applicable only to the jurisdiction where county and city is the same.

Planning commissioners should be forced to live in homeless camps.

I get it they “feel” they have a responsibility to uphold, but come on, get a clue right? I mean, does it really make sense to declare a laundromat a historical treasure so no housing can replace it?

If they follow their current path, SF will become nothing but a homeless camp.