Bitcoin Bubble


Anyone who’s invested during a bubble is a bear. People who haven’t seen a bubble are bullish and “this time it’s different”. This movie always ends the same way.


Not for the people holding the / Google of bitcoins. Someone from the year 2025 came back and told me which one it was going to be. :smile:


I was told is Eloncoin :rofl:


That coin is going to the Moon! Oh the irony. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bitcoin now trading at $7,004. I guess it’s not immune to the stock market panic?


Bitcoin is in $6500 range, easy to go to $1000 in next 50 days.


So time to prepare mentally, whether to buy at 1000 or not?


As long as buyers like Ptieman are buying it will take a while to tank and slink away back to its cave in Japan


The issue with bitcoin is pure speculation, and there are no fundamentals behind the bitcoin.

Here are the two simple scenarios.

  1. Real estate: Investor puts down 100k (25%), mortgage 5% on a 400k home. If he gets a cap rate of 5%, this is attractive to buy and hold. Everyone knows real estate beat the inflation over a long period and investor gets a 5% constant return every year. It is a no-brainer math that real estate is attractive when mortgage+expenses equals to ROI.

  2. Stocks: Take the case of BA or AAPL or JNJ or BP. When investor buys the stocks, say 100k investment, they get nice dividends (like rent cash flow) and an appreciation in the stock price. Over a long period, say one year, the stocks grows at the rate of (net Profit margin - dividends). As long as company Profit margin - dividends increases, stocks is continue to grow. It is a no-brainer math to buy and hold dividend paying growth stocks.

What is there for Bitcoin like this, other than pure speculation, even to buy at $1000/bitcoin ?


$1000, sure. I have an approved budget of $3000. And wanted to buy at least 1 Bitcoin. At $1000 a coin, much better than I ever dream for. Btw, I am viewing it as collectible, possibly storage of value, won’t sell. This would be my first digital collectible of value, have plenty of virtual gold and items from diablo, pretty much worthless :grinning:


Down to 6250. Panic every one running for the exits.


Well, so my bitcoin 5000 by February isn’t that far off from reality after all. Where’s my respect everyone? :rofl:


Don’t rush it @wuqijun. Respect will come when and only when bitcoin hits 5k. :smile:


What about 5001? :rofl:


I am still betting on $2500… easy come easy go.
It is amazing how Jill’s prediction of a crash when bitcoin collapsed has happened. Spooky.
Not a catalyst but an indicator of how frothy the bull market is. Let’s hope the losses don’t extend to real estate.


Where is the $1M coin?!


Only in your imagination! :rofl:


I’m very worried about millennials. They have a big student loan, if Bitcoin crashes, they will lose their chance to get their share.

Bitcoin crash and stock crash will scare many millennials to housing market. I’m more comfortable with the housing market now.

Bitcoin and stocks have been the biggest competitor to housing. Now both are about to crash


Down another 200 points in one half hour. Bitcoin could be 5000 by tomorrow …Japanese stocks already down 8%


No respect because you dare not bet. Btw, by Feb means Jan 31 :slight_smile: over :slight_smile: