Bitcoin Bubble


mentally the right thing. crypto takes energy and sucks lifeforce away.


Don’t know about sucking the life force away but it can be a distraction from my current stock/real estate plays. :wink:


Literally. PoW.


i have so much at stake.


I delegate my steaks to @wuqijun. dPoS.


Prisoner of war? :wink:


I don’t have time for this overbidding game: proof of time.


Point of sale? Piece of shit? :wink:


proof of stake.


Ok if you wouldn’t mind sharing exactly how much is at stake, would be greatly appreciated… :smile:


Can’t tell exact amount, just that it’s not a lot.


I’d say $100k (@ptiemann ‘s number) is about the right amount as an investment.


based on what people claims his networth is, i think it’s smart move. less than 1% sounds like a nice risky bet.


You started playing now :rofl::rofl:


Trap…Trap…Trap…All cryptos are Trapping Cash !


No. But if I did invest anything into crypto I’d sure let everybody know and the exact amount :wink:


My guess: you’d put less than 10K.


You are right. The exact figure is 0. :rofl:



Tomato and BAJacket,

Recall I said the reason why I didn’t buy any bitcoin is not I am worry that I would lose money, is I am worried about what might happen as indicated by the article linked by manch. So I am right they can drain my account and possibly assault other accounts too.