Bitcoin Bubble


Few people are talking about bitcoin it seems? That’s really weird. Just a couple months back it was the exact opposite: everyone was talking about it.


Fear and greed. People always brag when they win at gambling. You never hear a peep when they loose.


That’s why I keep poking their eyes, nobody wants to admit it, they lost! :smile:



hahah, it’s not that. I have more in stocks that stock market drop affect me more, and that’s why i cry about. not the other one :slight_smile:


Yea I’m with tomato here. Unless its 200% movement up or down in prices it’s not as interesting to talk about. So far it’s been kind of boring the past couple of months since the sharp drops in January. Snooze…zzzz. Almost as slow as real estate gains and losses.


Maybe you should have trump tweet about it to jazz it up a little.


“US of A will decentralize its fed, and put monetary policy on the blockchain. Crooked hillary didn’t see this coming!”


Guys, you haven’t got the simplest clue, right?

Just pay your president to say “Bitcoin will be the currency of the future” and voila!

Make sure you have bought tons of it, then sell the next day this lying president says the above. You are going to be billionaires if you follow my advise. :wink:



Need to have some of what Tim’s smoking.


Then why not just buy 4 of them right now? Easy million by 2022.


Draper wants to split California into 3 states. Voters will choose.


What does this have to do with bitcoin?


Draper is the person who connects both.

“Venture capitalist Tim Draper, who pushed for a six-state proposal, now has a three-state proposal called “CAL3,” according to CBS San Francisco.”


The voters aren’t going to choose anything. Even if the vote is 100% in favor of splitting you still need federal approval for it, which you are not going to get.


What’s the reason fed won’t allow state split?


It could change control of the Senate adding in four extra senators.


Ok. Draper is positively crazy. Either that or he’s smoking some really strong stuff.


According to this article, bitcoin and bitcoin ATM made it into the latest in the long list of life-changing innvoations. Has anyone’s life been changed by bitcoin so far?