Bitcoin Bubble


Support broken. Now can we say lower lows?


<2000 and i buy in an IRA.


5000 flat line?


I have joined coinbase… waiting for the right price. Frankly, I think blockchain is going to be web 3.0. Why don’t tomato and BAJacket set up a company using blockchain. I’m willing to invest some $.


Buy it below 2000, dca.


1 coin or fraction of a coin at a time?


Buy eth btx and monero mix. Buy however much you are comfortable with?


What makes you think it’s going below 2000?


Gut, but i have been saying 2000 for quite some time


It will, but it won’t be bitcoin as the winner.


Eth, monero, btc -> buy them with some allocation.


To this date I have not seen one convincing application of blockchain. Whatever uses blockchain can be rewritten as a cheaper, more efficient app without blockchain.


yeah, see through the hype, invest into bubbles, not kidding.


Explore SAP blockchain solutions

IBM blockchain


Two dinosaurs pretending to be hip.


Salesforce is working on a blockchain product


Too early. Need to wait for more time until millennials give up on them and buy houses with subprime loans.


This Blockchain Ecommerce Platform Thinks It Can Take on Amazon and Major Retailers


These are the reasons not to put money.

Think of it as a gamble. Drops 90% from peak? Buy.

I also see this as a wealth transfer from greater fool, from world to china :slight_smile:


JCP dropped 90% from peak. Please buy some. :sob: