Bitcoin Bubble


Yes me too. Also, just because bitcoin is crashing doesn’t mean other assets will. And even if they all crashed together, other assets might crash less and recover much faster. I already have more than 300% gain with all my assets combined so I can’t sell due to tax consequences.


According to this site, On a typical day, more than $14 trillion of dollar-denominated payments is routed through the banking system. At this point of time, the transaction volume of bitcoin is only $8B. So, the collapse of crypto currency would have minimum impact. However, with so many financial institutions jumping in and so many financial instruments created that based on them, one day, the transaction volume may be high enough such that the crash of crypto currency would affect the main street.


If you guys are so certain of a bitcoin crash you can short bitcoin futures starting this Sunday. I dare you. :smiling_imp:


Did I not mention that I’m an investor not a speculator??? No amount of daring can sway me to buy bitcoin nor to short it.


Logical. How come you don’t think that asset is cash? Or Gold? Or RE :rofl:


I only believe in stocks and real estate. So essentially by holding on to just those I’m shorting cash, gold, crypto, bonds, etc.


It has reached 16k overnight and we were talking about 12k and 13k yesterday. This speed is astonishing for a big coin.

But GBTC did not rise that much. The premium is shrinking.


cryptocrash will not happen so easily, as speculators will be pooling short term money by their greediness. Today BTC is $15000. It jumps faster, but may come down and go up…It is again buyers/sellers and then depending on BTC float.

History shows loss, bankruptcy, domino effect continues. Individuals, hedge funds are openly involved, how much banks (not only usa, but worldwide) involved we do not know. Adding futures are the major issue happening now and bank (deregulated recently) may fall into those.

As the billions gets increased to trillions, we can fairly assume domino effect. At that time, we will hear all the scary stories of cryptocoins.

All other cryptocoins, other than BTC, vanishes simply from existence and BTC may come to $1 levels (or even below).

I am guessing one year as the gap between 3 month bond and 10 year note is appx 1%. This is bound to hit zero when FED hikes four times rate including dec-12-13 rate hike. Economy may fall in 6 month any time after this spread becomes zero.

Still I do not know how to escape from the domino effect. sale and long puts may help if we can clearly identify (but who knows ahead?)


Look at this video


How much lure to pull novice !


20k by Sunday.



20k this week


Are you hosting a party soon?


Absolutely insane!!! :rofl:

I thought this baby got a little bit more leg left in it but I don’t think the rally can last even until next year. Peak should be the next several days.


Why are there so few shorts on GBTC? I like to see a lot more shorts. Seems that real money are bullish. Bearish people don’t even bother to short

I believe there is no way to short bitcoins, right? We need some mechanism to allow bearish bet if we want to have a short squeeze


It’s hard to buy since the rise is too fast. My holding is too little.


Do you want this to get crashed soon? I do not think so ! When we expect, Mr.Market won’t go down. When everyone fully jumped on, Mr.Market reacts :joy:

My target BTC = $50000 in 2018.


Ether is lagging far behind Bitcoin. Look at the orange line. Maybe bullish speculators should buy ether instead.


Do NOT buy anything crypto related unless you are using someone else’s money!!!