Bitcoin Bubble


WTF? You own RENN? Wow.

That’s another example of random company declaring they will use blockchain somehow and stock went nuts. What is RENN you asked? It’s the Chinese clone of Facebook.


They flopped the social network market so bad therefore ICO comes to the rescue… my position with RENN is tiny… I will sell them once I make my money back… :rofl:


RENN really copied Facebook, down to the same blue color and graphic layout. Really sad.

Its founder did another startup. This time he made it big. One of the big 3 unicorns in China, the M in TMD.


Man… What can I say that was a wrong bet for me… hope this ico crap will evoke some life out of RENN for the time being…


So now you are rooting for bitcoin? No more regrets and jealousy. :smile:


I’m very impartial; it’s not that I don’t want to root for bitcoin but the fact is that it’s a gigantic bubble about to implode. Also please don’t accuse other people of suffering from regret and jealousy just because you are… :wink:


Enjoy the ride now :rofl:



That’s why it’s a bubble. Compare the value and services provided by Google vs. what’s provided by Ripple. Ripple pricing will fall hard.


If that guy is smart he would cash out everything and buy RE in Bay Area. :smile:


RE? He should buy controlling stakes in AAPL, FB and GOOG. Boss Tim, Larry, Sergey and Mark around.
Alternatively, buy a controlling stake in BRK and lecture WB how to invest.
Now, I’m looking furtively through the C++ codes in the GitHub to see how to create a new coin, at this moment, may be call it HaCoin.


Like @ptiemann said, you don’t even need to code any new feature in. Just fork the original bitcoin code, change some parameters like number of coins and block sizes, promise some random features and boom! Become billionaire.


even Zuckerburg wants in now


FB is now a crypto stock. It’ll go up 200%.


Total 234 crypto coins at the moment. You need to know how to market the coin to be successful.
Get university professors to sponsor and pump; bribe bankers through xxx parties; pay journalists to write articles about your coins; give celebrities/ well know tech personalities some coins to help talk about it… not an easy task.


234, wow. That’s the exact issue when the tech is open source software. The barrier to entry is non-existent. Why is any of them better or worse than the rest?


Is not about technology and features. Is about marketing :grinning: and getting people to adopt and bet on it :triumph:


It is not 234, but as of date 1384 coins with 763 Bln market cap. This does not include block chain companies, hyped so far in USA.

Look at


My data is outdated :blush: Are there more cryptos than tulip variants?


Cryptos can be multiplied easily by computers…like torrents…or like a crawler…