Bitcoin Bubble


Maybe Mark Z will announce Facebook will use blockchain somehow and FB will double in a week. I will get my free dim sum lunch from @hanera 5 years ahead of schedule.


buy calls.


So as long as FB doubles then he’s going to pay for your lunch? That’s a no-brainer bet… it will double eventually.


The bet is either Facebook or Amazon overtakes Apple in market cap within 5 years. He said no. I said hell yes.


I’d say it’s a 50-50 shot in that case… Bezos can get run over by a car.


Before FB or AMZN,first GOOGL has the opportunity.


Actually I don’t think so. But that’s another bet.


Coming back to bitcoin, now matter becomes simple too.


Insurance companies use calls, some poster here said that was horrible. :smile:



Looks like another thing I will have ban on my leases


You pay for utility?


In my Tahoe apartment building yes. But I have my own well. Balances out. Plus I just charge higher rent to pay for gas and electric … works out to $50/person per month


Now your millennial tenants will mine coins in your apartment while smoking weed. Haha.


You have just envisioned the future lifestyle of your children… :rofl:


Yo - we have 23 more days until Feb. Just saying :smile:


Really… ok I’m ready to put out that $40… :rofl:


I might as well join them … Seems easy enough


So who exactly is being drawn to these “bargain” currencies? “It’s literally housewives, college students, and grandmas all investing within these various currencies” in Korea, Bernard Moon, who runs the Korea-based SparkLabs accelerator, told VentureBeat.

Rise of Ripple

That excluded most of us except Jane and Terri.


Awesomr lastname. Bernard moon. To the moon!!!