Bitcoin Bubble


Wrong. The Earth is flat. Our telescope and vision are distorted by superior species to make us see round instead of flat. Don’t trust your eyes, don’t trust what you read, trust my knowledge, I know!


wait for me to cry when this bursts. because it certainly will, but not before you buy me a meal :slight_smile:


Oh hey some random person on the internet telling earth is flat. It’s gotta be true!


Sure… I can lose that play money for sure… :rofl:


We don’t know when, but not now


That’s exactly why I don’t play bubbles. I know I won’t be able to tell what’s a buy the dip vs the bubble popping.


but you don’t know if it’s a bubble. is stock market a bubble with current levels? how about housing?

the difference is with housing or stocks, you will know with 100% certainty that it won’t go to 0. Not the case with crypto mania.


Is the entire mankind a bubble??? For sure we know all species will go extinct eventually…


we are a blip, yes, but we are doing something to make it last long as much as possible. See our beloved musk.


Housing and stocks can be compared to historical valuations. We are nowhere near dotcom valuations. Apple actually has a small P/E by historical standards. If we were in a bubble, some tiny company with a P/E of 500 or even a negative P/E would be worth more than Apple.

Housing can be compared to rents and income levels.

Stocks and housing haven’t gone parabolic which is a sign of a bubble. They haven’t dislocated from traditional price measures. You can overlap the bitcoin chart and it matches up to every past bubble.


We are close to something, though:

That said, after the bubble bursts, we had amazon and some others. With this, i am sure we will have some good stuff too.


The chart for a bubble and a mass technological adoption are quite the same.


Just my 2 cents.

I know you try to gain something through crypto and stocks. When cryptos crash, it will be big time crash. Along with stocks will also crash and introduce economic correction. Be aware that it can happen any time after oct 2018, most Likely around mar 2019 when FED goes with same speed of rate hike.

This is guess, no proof, work. Watch out carefully.


Yeah i am somewhat thinking increasing my cash/bond allocation significantly around may. I have made pretty good gains with stocks, too, and i don’t think it’ll last.

The biggest risk I see is NK doing something stupid, and causing a correction which was already looking for an excuse.


I do not want to discourage you telling crypto is wrong. As long as you know what you are doing and the downside risk, it is fine. It is your money and your risk/reward.

IMHO, risk is not by NK, but by cryptos. Cryptos are nuke in worldwide financial market ! They hit financial market inevitably ! The longer they take to burst, deeper the impact is.



Maybe. The money that’s in in the crypto world is actually peanuts. The value is exacerbated by the illiquid market and hodl’ers. I know for sure it’s gonna burst. I do not really think it’ll impact financial market that much.



Wrong again. Humans are created by God 6000 years ago.
The New Origin Of Species


I don’t think he said anything that you refuted. he said “all species will go extinct”, didn’t say where we came from.


Think harder!