Bitcoin's 10 trillion dollar valuation is fast approaching

This is literally religion to people. Wow….

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These guys believe crypto is the future currency and blockchain will free them from the clutches of corporate. Also some already made 10x to 100x. They feel should not let a rock solid crypto exchange go down.

I think blockchain can be a game changing technology, but I don’t think new currencies is how. Besides, blockchain is old now. AI is the new hype train. It’s amazing how many hype cycles there are, and how little they produce.


All technology would be replaced eventually. So I believe blockchain would be too one day. At that time, is crypto worth anything? For currency, I will stick with legal tender.

Get in early, sell and join the next hype :grinning:

AI comes and goes… 5 decades ago, I recall AI is hot. Then cool, then hot again, then cool, now hot again. Current cycle is started 15-20 years ago, now in crescendo.

Go! Bitcoin :grinning:

Will Chicken be proven right on his two bold calls? 1) Crypto mooning and 2) TSLA sinking to $69?

He has talked about crypto mooning months ago.


Impending etf and as digital gold.

While growth investors are struggling, crypto traders are laughing to the bank…

One year ago:

BTC market cap today is 0.7T. Price at 35.7K. Let’s revisit again next year.

Total crypto market cap: 1.3T.

I wonder how many people associated with crypto will end up in prison.


Only the public faces especially founders and CEOs. Billionaires and politicians peddling behind won’t be impacted.

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Ytd Gain 245%, I am a genius :prince:

66% below IPO :face_with_peeking_eye:

The right action is ban :slight_smile: crypto trading.

Price target of an uber bull is $500-$900 in 2025.

Bull thesis: Only crypto exchange still standing.
Bear thesis: With bitcoin etf about to be approved, why need to trade bitcoin directly?