Black Friday Deals

Costco sells $100 iTunes card for $80 :grinning:

One day we will destroy Costco.

Was at Costco yesterday. It was 78.99 I think. Even cheaper

So precise :slight_smile: I rounded it up. Was in Costco few hours ago.

Is it just me or does this year’s Black Friday sale seem weak? Nothing I want to buy…

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Haven’t bought stuff on Black Friday in many years

What are you looking to buy?

Nothing in particular, but it’d be nice if they slash the price on one of those Philips airfryers. Not a must have though.

OMG, what a crisis!!! We can’t have women without their tights that make everything look way better than reality…

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JC Penney:

HomePod, the speaker nobody wants:

These deals are better:

Of course the best deals can be found in stock market. 50% off Nvidia stocks! :smile:

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Bought a pair of running shoes online just now - my only Black Friday purchase.

Everywhere Walmart, bestbuy, homedepot,lowes this google home hub is $100/ piece.

Seeing that Costco reduced 2 pack $190 online + free dispatch to home.

Black Friday hasn’t arrived yet. You are living in the future

Black Friday deals already started 16 hours ago. You are living in the past.