Let’s talk minor home improvements. I am considering changing some blinds in the house. Have only used venetian and honeycombs so far. What do you guys recommend - both type as well as where to buy them?

Btw, are any types of blinds considered better for buyer perception than others? Not looking to replace blinds and sell but more to understand if spending money on any particular type of blind will yield better buyer perception in future whenever I sell. Or is it all sunk cost :wink:

People will pay a premium for a house with plantation shutters, but they are wicked expensive

And not really that attractive.

I was browsing yesterday and felt Lowes has better selection for blinds than Home Depot. Also came across
Any other online or offline retailer you would recommend?

I would not recommend blindparts dot com

We have cellular blinds throughout my house. I ordered online (maybe and installed myself. They look nice and modern. The only issue is they can grow mold if excessive moisture in the air is not taken care of.

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I personally think the cellular shades look really nice, but I like to have light-blocking curtains in my bedrooms and nothing at all on the rest of the rooms, so I don’t have much experience with them except on one particular window where I bought one at SVDP and didn’t think to check that it had mounting equipment and have been having trouble finding the pieces (hence the review on blindparts)

What have you used for light blocking - cellular or venetian?

Me2 :+1: Blind to blinds.

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If yoi want true black out get black out cutains…Bed Bath and beyond cheap and good selection

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What elt1 said–Bed Bath and Beyond light blocking curtains. But let them air out first. They stink.