Brain Drain To China: We Want Them Yet We Don't

U.S.-China Tensions Fuel Outflow of Chinese Scientists From U.S. Universities - WSJ

U. of North Texas Expels 15 Chinese Scholars Over Ties to Communist Govt (

Isolation by USA and China will lead to a worse world for all of us. Guess after many decades of co-operation, time for isolation for … decades.

There are three camps in the world now…

One camp: USA, Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand.

Second camp: China, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, …

Neutral camp: ASEAN, …

South America and Africa also in second camp.

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Just wondering, why is India aligned with the Commies again? One would think that if India wanted to be a true world player (tech, etc) that it would “semi” align with the democracies of the world. Is it the dependence on the Russian oil again?

(Pardon me for my ignorance on the Middle East or thereabouts…).

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India is not in any camp with China. India has to manage China since it shares borders with it.

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Is not based on political and defense considerations. Is rich advanced economies want to dictate the rules of trade for the poor emerging economies.

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No worries, there’s a place for them at Emerson College, no doubt…

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…India’s refusal to denounce Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine and increased imports of Russian oil during the past six months