Brisbane doesn't want you

Why we need regional or even state wide policies to break the log jam of local NIMBY’ism.

Actually, how many of you didn’t know there is a town called Brisbane?

A friend of mine didn’t even know about Daly City. And he’s been living in the South Bay for 10 years.

LOL! I only found out about Brisbane last summer. It is definitely not on my radar… Daly City I know.

Brisbane in Australia is known for their KKK.

Brisbane has always been anti growth…pretty much a dump, next to a dump…great views, though…Go Jerry, Go…

Well, they are voting today and of course the recommendation is a no…

Never under estimate the stupidity and greed of small towns on the Peninsula. …the existing residents want no growth…period…they dont give a crap about newbies, tevhies or even their own children. …bullish news for existing landlords

Why is it stupid? It seems they are voting straightly for their pocketbooks.

Stupid because their own children will have no place to live… I remember 30 years ago talking to an idiot city planner working for Burligame who complained she couldnt afford to live there…I responded that her silly zoning rules were the reason…

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So even 30 years ago Burlingame was expensive?

Yes… $250k for a 2bd 2ba condo…brand new in 1982…2 parking spaces per unit required…One space per unit had to be available for guests…couldn’t be secured in the garage. …we had to build a fence with gates in the garage …Some cities now 30 years later are relaxing parking requirements…parking is one of the biggest problems to get more units per lot…I was one of the pioneers to introduce lifts to help solve the bs parking rules…We were limited to 18 units due to parking requirements. …If only one space was needed we could have built 36 units…Zoning can be easily tweeked to solve the housing crisis. .I have fought this shite for 35 years…I am done…don’t give a crap anymore. …

San Jose is turning into a parking mess. They keep developing the parking lots. However, the projects don’t have enough parking for residents. Then there are guests and all the people that used to park in the lot. They need some more parking structures.

Cities want people to be less car dependant…requiring two spaces per unit just encourages more cars…The solution is complicated. …Don’t care anymore…Live in paradise on the water in South Lake Tahoe…only visit the BA as a tourist. …after 40 years of doing the opposite

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Hey @Elt1, heading up that way soon for some R&R with the Lowell High buddies. You are a lucky man, sir, to be living there!!!

Plus I am making money…Just closed on an 8 unit building that will be a 10 cap in a year…put that in your BA cap and smoke it…You should move up here. .lots of good asian resturants. …including Lotus Pho the first Vietnamese resturant in Tahoe and very good…Had dinner at My Thai last night with our Vietnamese friend Michelle…She thinks it is the best of the three Thai resturants in town…havent tried the Dennys yet…lol

Maybe this town has seen the beautiful traffic in our dear Bay Area, like in San jose, and said no to the madness?

Traffic is the number one issue in the BA…the nimbys will never care as much about housing as traffic…ergo: house prices keep going up…

But that’s the thing though, right, is it “fair” that other cities are suffering and taking up the slack (maybe) while this city just enjoys the fruits from probably raised home prices? I mean, shouldn’t every city try to help the cause?