Brisbane lot - almost 10K sqft for 5K - is it real?

9,502 square feet lot
Parcel number does not seem right, but there is MLS history for this property and it was sold for 220K in 2003

Is it real - can this be had for 5K?

Looks like it is a misplaced redfin listing, looking closely see that it is in California City, CA

Hey @e_z,

This somehow, some way has to be some sort of money maker…Only $35k entry fee… Maybe you buy it, pitch your tent there and live there for awhile, while blocking those garages for a little bit and maybe that music you like so much is turned up a tad… soon, I bet all of the owners there will contribute and pay you handsomely to go away!!! :grin:

During bay to breakers and when there are concerts in Golden Gate park , people living along Lincoln ave rent their driveways and collect good fees. Hey - in a due course of time this Richmond driveway will be a break-even investment with the right strategy.

I believe the people that live there have an easement to use the driveway and you can not block, charge, or otherwise impede them from using it. I don’t see how you can make money of it.

Do doubt - with this driveway configuration there got to be an easement

Of course, but as the owner of said property I am honestly wondering what can the owner do with it. No one is saying you can’t use it (to get your car out, etc) but does that mean that it has to be unblocked 100% at all times? I mean, can I park a boat there and simply move it when you need me to? So, convenience and time becomes quite priceless, yes? (Yes, I am being an arse, but can someone honestly do that?)

I think the only option is buy all properties that make use if this driveway and turn it into mega mansion. Not going to happen. Whoever bought this property sight unseen is SOL