Brooklyn In Da House!


If only Oakland can be the Brooklyn of the West we should be so lucky…

Oakland is on the right track, especially as the SF pols continue to shoot themselves in their feet. So if you want your Oakland properties to skyrocket, elect people like Kim to the board.

See what I mean? Even developers already have the land don’t want to build.

Bravo! Keep it up guys! :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

(years later…)

Newsflash: the reason why SF never built anything in that time span was due to the entire Board of Supervisors being “closet” owners of multi properties hiding behind shell companies. They were putting up a front but actually holding down supply to pump up their own pockets. Who would have thunk it? Jane Kim was actually a slum lord!!! :grinning:

Love Oakland, been investing there since 1978…Nevwr have bought anything in SF…alawys cold outside…Maybe I should buy the Diamond heights place with the indoor pool. …weather be damned

You know, I have lived here all my life and frankly it has been colder. I do believe global warming is part of it. I grew up in lower Nob Hill where it is generally warmer in that NE part of SF but I could swear the Sunset used to be colder for longer stretches back in the days of Lowell High for me.

I don’t know why we don’t talk much about Diamond Heights or see too many stories about this area as much. Maybe too few homes for sale. This area used to be considered very prestigious and high end (by Chinese). Yeah, nice homes with killer views of the city. What is there to not like?

Happened in Mountain View too. It was believed the the Council members liked high rents because they owned a lot of property.

See, and I totally believe that is why the Supreme Court sides with rent control. Same thing, the judges have nice low rent apartments all over the place and don’t want to have to give them up. Follow the money again…

I grew up in the 60’s in Berkeley, remember solid fog the whole month of July…never wore a short sleeved shirt…almost as bad as the as the Sunset…I have a pathological hatred of fog…I feel like it stole summers from my youth…I missed all those great hot summers you see in the movies. …vowed to never live near fog again. To me Daly City is hell on earth…

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I was in Lodi yesterday. 40 degree hotter than SF!

Hey, don’t be hating on the fog, @Elt1!!! Some of us ACTUALLY like the cooler climate. Remember, it is always easier to go away for some nice warm weather, say on vacation, but if you are baking in it (100 degrees +) all the time you are not enjoying it. Trust me, people I know who live in those areas inland and commute in are jealous of me in the coastal area. Proof is the pudding…Sunset homes are 1M minimum now for standard 2/1 boxes. They are not by any means languishing on the market…

BA has different climates for every taste…Redwood City has the best by government test…city motto

No doubt, RWC is pretty good, not real hot or cold. Same with Oakland. In years past, Oakland was up there too for having an ideal climate.