Bubble Watch

Personally I don’t think RE in the US is too frothy yet. But let’s start a thread on this. Here’s an article to kick it off:

IIRC, Canadian Market did not face 2008-2009 down fall, keep on going so far. Canada’s one of the main income source is oil industry that is already affected very much. Now, real estate has all the issues.


[quote=“sfdragonboy, post:3, topic:2570”]
Real Estate (DJUSRE): Buy now or Wait?
[/quote]> The increase in advertisement as well as the signs on the streets which is a reflection of the crowd environment is calling for the top to be forming soon…investors need to know that if they want to buy home now, it is for a quick gain (flip) and not for long Investment…The real estate correction which should happen around the year of 2020 should be bigger than the correction in 2008 and consequently the damage can be even worse. We recommend investors who want long term investment to wait.

Yes! Canadian real estate should definitely get some rude awakening!!! Been rising for a decade faster than America for no apparent reason! Time for them to come back down to earth.

Come on, you know the real estate market must be overheated when GQ magazine is reporting on the allegations of arson fires in the Mission!!! Shouldn’t you be reporting on the merits of a nice wing tip vs a cap toe??? OMG, we are in bizarro world, gang!!!