Bullish trends in 2024

Bullish for Bitcoin

Bullish for gold as well. Less traceable than either cash or bitcoin. No counterparty risk unless held in vaults in the public domain.
Governments love bitcoin. When some scam is pulled off like that East Coast utility that was blackmailed most of the bitcoin can be recovered.

CG believes in making 10x to 100x per year… my guess is $1M into OLAS. To him, 15% per year is a waste of time. I like this guy, thought 10x over 10 years is damn good. Similar to Jesse, CG doesn’t have a degree! Most graduates have no guts.

Now the BIG news, especially for @manch, he is pumping BABA :scream: I am thinking about it before this YouTube… should I or should I not? The time is NOW?

You should definitely put money where your mouth is. Put at least 100K USD into BABA.

Talk is cheap. Show us some action.

I don’t understand naive Singaporeans’ obsession with BABA. Never heard them mention PDD though, which tripled in the last 18 months. And they sure don’t understand why PDD rose but BABA sank.



Do these people ever show their total net worth gain or just gains of some trades?


Show only their public accounts. They have private accounts. These two guys show their buys and sells, just like Cathy Woods.

I wonder what percent of their NW that is. It’s one thing to take a small percent of total and do risky strategies to get big gains. Doing that with a majority of NW will eventually lead to being broke.

CG is putting 20% (about $1M) of his stock portfolio (about $5M) into OLAS. He has properties in London and other places.

Jesse seem to be into stocks and crypto only, no RE.

Hello there! Many believe 2024 will be an excellent year for the economy and the stock market because the Fed is projected to lower interest rates this year, but some are more optimistic than others. Although a recession is unlikely, things also won’t run smoothly. Making market predictions is challenging, but looking into past trends and how things are shaping up so far, I believe 2024 will be a better year for the stock market and the economy in general.