Bunches of Apartments Available for Rent in SF?

You guys may be more acquainted with the situation, but last Saturday driving back home I was listening to KGO radio, about 10 PM. The radio host was interviewing somebody from a well recognized institution and he was telling the audience there are bunches of apartments in SF, also, the possibility of lay offs, hiring stopped big time, etc. etc.

Since I was paying more attention to the road than anything else, what stroke me the most was that prices still up somehow?
I confess, I don’t remember the specifics, just what I wrote.

What do you know? Is anything of the above true?

I have mixed news:

Last week, I have got a call from my friend who has been here more than 15 years in tech consulting. He told me that for the first time he did not receive any calls for projects last three weeks. I am 100% confident that he will find a job, as he is consulting, soon but surprised to hear from him.

On the other hand, mercurynews last week (July 23, 2016) updated that tech hiring increased last month.

I don’t know about that, my niece’s boyfriend still has not found any living arrangement in the city yet. Either too expensive or too much competition from other applicants. Owners are still asking for ungodly amounts for small studios or just room situations. You would think they would budge some and come down a bit when it is obviously overpriced, but they are willing (I guess) to hold out for that sucker who would pay it. Maybe it goes back to rent control again where they are concerned that if someone stays a long time they better lock in a “decent” rent amount. Again, I am so glad I am not renting or buying my first home around these parts. The price tags are killers…

My experience with San Mateo, Belmont, Foster City Condo & Townhouse lookout, homes are still going good. I just compared Sunnyvale, Cupertino homes with San Mateo, Belmont, Foster City. I am surprised the list prices are higher at these areas compared to Sunnyvale, Cupertino.

Didn’t do any check but I have always thought San Mateo is more expensive.

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