Burlingame Eichler 😍

Stunning contemporary elegance in Burlingames prestigious Mills Estates neighborhood! This 4 bed 2 ba Eichler has been transformed into a modern showpiece. Exquisite Open floor plan featuring a highly coveted center atrium & bonus room, a fantastic space for an office or 5th bedroom. The famous floor to ceiling Eichler windows wrap the home providing bountiful natural light! Sleek & Sexy Chefs kitchen w/ brand new custom cabinetry, stainless steel appliances & beautiful quartz countertops. The new kitchen opens to the intimate living room surrounded by sliding glass doors providing flowing access to the beautiful lush landscape. Step outside & find your own personal sanctuary, the patio opens to a colorful landscaped garden, the perfect space for entertaining! Highlights: glistening HW floors, new appliances & new high efficiency condensing boiler for radiant heating. Fab Burlingame living! Enjoy music on the avenue with great shops and outdoor dining! 10+ schools Franklin, BIS & BHS!

This sorta Eichler in PA is much less stunning. Hot Home though.

Sunnyvale Eichler. Again, not as sexy as the Burlingame one.

Another Eichler in Sunnyvale. Better looking than the first Sunnyvale one.

Trying to drive elt1 crazy?

@Elt1 is already hopping crazy…

I forget, why do you like them again? The exterior looks like a giant container.


@tomato should love Eichlers. Maximum privacy from the street. You can’t see nothing.

I wont lie, i was in favor of their land use efficiency and stuff but later gave into architectural beauty. I favor colonial or craftsman, and developing some ideas on modern looking ones.

I like the openness and the giant glass walls. Mid century modern is also pretty cute.

That is the problem with modern. Not every modern age well.

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The interior looks great, but the exterior looks like temporary housing that’s about to crumble.

This image is terrible.

I passed by one last time I went to Chef Zhao and thought it was weird that this type of crappy shack existed in PA…oops :joy:

Again, understated, which is good.

I also like it has ZERO windows facing the street. Yeah, privacy.

Oh, you would love my SB home then…the main house is behind an open, semi private patio behind the garage and inlaw bedroom. Yard opens up to nature (tenants told me they have heard some coyotes recently). Total. Privacy.

If you want an Eichler, my neighbor next door is planning on selling. I just realized that my neighborhood in SB has a ton of eichlers, some fixed up nicely some dumps…

This house will collapse in a great quake. No shear walls in front or back

Here is how we remodelled the inside of a manufactured home and sold for handsome profit ( I called Eichlers that ) …they are cheap cheap and don’t know whats the appeal about them )

They must all go …like everything else the way to build and how beautiful houses can be has changed. Eichlers are blight for our beloved bay area

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Beautiful remodel