Burlingame Prefab

This prefab house is now back on the market. 3/3/2500 asking for 2.5M.


I know it’s a prefab because I talked with the architect back when I was toying with the idea of building my own house. He told me about this project of his. The house is still listed on his website. I expect it to sell for 3M or more…

Yeah, I know this house. I posted about it eons ago as the ultimate prefab example.

Your prefab thread is of epic length. How did you know it’s a prefab?

How much did this cost to build?

He told me it’s about $250 to $300 a foot, all costs included. But that square footage includes garages too. So let’s say this Burlingame house is 3,000 ft, multiplied that by $250 it’s about $750K to $900K.

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Ok, technically it was under my IKEAization thread (before going to the prefab thread) but June 2016. I was thinking about doing this to my Fremont home if I moved there so I was hunting around and found the builder. Yes, it is to me the best looking prefab house example there is.

sfdragonboyJun '16
Ok, here you go. Contemporary and modern looking but me like…


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Now you have the chance to buy that beauty!

I’d be worried why they are selling actually.

C’mon, they have lived there for 6 years or so. It’s like they are fleeing the house. Maybe they think it’s time to move to Pac Height?

Come one, no one loves the Fab 7x7 more than me but this, this is as sweet as it gets no? Beautiful home in beautiful Burlingame. Pricey Burlingame at that. No, something fishy is going on…IKEA house, like its furniture, starts disintegrating by year 6 right???

I bet they are selling due to leaks…lol

I wonder how the flat roofs and decks over living spacs have done in all this rain…How about staining and dry rot on the walls due to no over hangs…I had a friend with a house like this…Had leaks everywhere…total nightmare. .He was always working on it till he died at 78…Up and down on his 28 ladder…Sorry but this type of construction is just stupid…unless it is built out of concrete and is in the desert…Like Frank Llyod Wright said when a client complained about leaks…“what do you expect when you leave a work of art out in the rain”…lol

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A friend has a flat roof which is only a few years old. But in the middle of the roof, there is a pipe going down and drain the rain into the sewer. Noticed some minor leaks during heavy rain. The roofer says that the roof is fine, he suspects that the water pan below the roof might be too small, which doesn’t make much sense to me. He’s going to open up the ceiling to diagnose and prepared to change to a larger water pan. I’m still puzzled how the water pan can have accumulated water since the pipe is clear looking from the sky light

Clogs are very common on roof drains…One clog and dirty roof water runs over the fascias and walls, staining permanently those picture perfect walls…Contemporary style structures do not age well…The devil is in the details and most of these new agey architects are too green, pun intended, to know shit from shinola…The stained walls quickly suscumb to dryrot…I have seen dry rot on 2 year old structures. …Up here in January a commercial building in South Lake Tahoe had a roof collapse…The roof drain was clogged with ice…Then we had 6" of rain…ponding caused the collapse. …Leaves and tree debris can easily clog roof drains…Do you really want to be up on your roof everytime it rains like my 78 year old friend…

For those of you who don’t know shinola, it is shoe polish…

Sad, even I didn’t have to go look it up…:sob:

It’s now a Redfin Hot Home!

Redfin predicts this home will sell within 13 days.

Is there no good way to get a rooftop deck?

Build out of concrete. .I worked for Raiser construction. .We built office buildings with 200 year waterproof concrete roofs…Most commercial roofs now have a min of 2% slope. …Drainage and details are key to providing non leaky roofs…all done with limited sucess. Flat and low slope roofs will always have more risk of leaking than typical 4:12 pitch and higher roofs…

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How about metal roof? Is it a good option as non-leaking roof?

Metal roofs are only good for 4:12 pitch and higher…They are expensive and tough to walk on…professionals only can walk on them…Nothing beats a comp shingle roof with a 4:12 min pitch…

Beautiful interiors…

Why two door in the garage…any reasons people pick double door over single…