Burnt Millbrae House Sold for 1.4M


The piano is a nice touch.





With approved plans. I considered it.

This is why Trump will win
The left wants to make suburbs multi family. No way Karen will vote for this.

How much do you think it takes to get it built? Anything north of 2.5M is not easy to sell in Millbrae.


That piano is hilarious.

I assume the $1.4M what the land cost. Because it seems nearby homes on market are around $800 per sq feet.

Redfin esimtate is $1.55M. Did Redfin estimate knowing the house is burned? How does it do that?

Way over 2.5. Should be 3.0 to 3.4 range. Approved plan is over 3500SF. They had a spreadsheet showing around 1.05 Reno cost.

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You can’t really buy peanuts now for 1.6 in Millbrae and nicer area San Mateo ranchers are going over 1.6