Buy a Tesla, save the environment

How’s your model 3?

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Still waiting…

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It saves the environment by killing the owners. The ultimate saving. :smiling_imp:

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Does the 35k model 3 come with working brakes?

Brakes are in the cloud I.e. firmware/software updates will get you new brakes

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Got the same letter today. No words of mentioning when I will get my Tesla 3 though.

We have 1.5 billion ~1300 # creatures grazing everyday.

Each dairy cow annually emits between 80 and 120 kg of methane (incidentally, mainly through burping and not farting) — which is equivalent to the carbon emissions given off by an average family car over a year,’ it explains.

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Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Slaughter animals. that’s one solution :slight_smile: