Buyers/Takers of EFX - Equifax?

Even though EFX has become famous for 143 millions security breach, EFX has come down to an attractive level now.

Now, EFX has become or reaching like year 2008-2009 of real estate.

Any Buyers/Takers of EFX - Equifax ?

Not a stock lover, but wouldn’t you wait since there is bound to be more fallout and huge class action lawsuits that should hammer the stock even more???

Yes, hammer more. Every one wants money from Equifax when they really hit hard by breach.Class action lawsuit will start when some set of people clearly identify and damages are accounted. It is then compromise with money, i.e. how many millions (not billions) Equifax to pay.

But the company survives, recovers and continue to grow.

IMO, current price is far better as I do not see major or big fall is going to come as this is already 22% from peak, went back to Dec 2016 level.

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I’d wait for the dust to settle. The fact they kept all that data in a single database is an epic failure of IT security. Database 101 is store the data separately, so if someone hacks one database they can’t get all the data. You use relationships and store the data separately. They should clean house starting with their top IT execs.

There will be a point to buy, but it hasn’t bottomed yet.

I agree.But, we are not going to get down less than 100 (IMO). The current volatility is not so great to that 100 level.

All I know is that they kept the site unsecured, http instead of https, for 5 hours. This is likely to be breached or sniffed or hacked, but we never know exact truth until everything is analyzed.

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So, I take it most of you all have checked to see if you were impacted or not? They couldn’t have been this lame, right?

I think almost everyone was impacted. The question is when/if someone will use the info to attempt getting credit in your name.

Any one checking Equifax site will be informed that they may be affected and given a free credit monitoring service no matter whether they are really impacted !

They are taking extreme cautious to avoid all disputes/claims, but eventually becoming a marketing to Equifax.

I did not check up.

Do they require a CC number to get the free monitoring? Does it turn into paid monitoring after the free year? That could be a profit boom, since I bet most people would forget to cancel.

I signed up the free monitoring last night. So far, they haven’t asked for any CC yet.(the signup process is not finalized yet). From what I heard, that was the original plan( to ask for a CC number so they can potentially profit from a disaster). After a backlash, they issued a statement saying they would not require any CC.

Equifax has issues on many levels. Besides the poor PR, their technical competency is also in serious question. Their security is apparently inadequate. Their credit freeze pin is actually a timestamp, and I have to wonder how this can pass their product management and engineering.

I don’t trust the government to do anything to fix this or protect us. Best thing they can do is let it go to court for a huge settlement/verdict. That’s a bigger deterrent than anything else.

CSFB was trying to. It introduced a rule preventing issues that are class action from having to go to arbitration if the problem achieved class action status while the EULA / contract said arbitration. The GOP congress is repealing that rule. So you may never have your day in court…

And so it begins…

Man, this might make the Millennium Tower case seem like a small claims court…

Interesting to know Equifax is well known for this in 2013 ! Hear the news

Maybe worse than UAL???

Stock’s nosediving. below 100.

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Reminds me of Lumber Liquidators when it tanked on the flooring having cancerous materials. That look a long time to bottom and rebound. That or Chipotle when they had food poisoning. They still haven’t really recovered from that.

Never expected to touch 100 ! Good and I am greedy to grab it , let it go down !

I have one share in Robinhood, wiped away all my one month profit ! :scream:

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