Buying Properties in China

Hi Everyone,

I would like to share my experience of purchasing real estate in China, which I did during a recent trip to Chengdu.

  1. There are only certain stocks of properties foreigners can buy; the vast majority of housing are not purchasable by foreigners.

  2. Property developers need to establish a license to be able to sell their real estate to foreigners. So you will need to consult with those licensed developments.

  3. These developments are usually still in construction phase, with a delivery date sometime in the future.

  4. Rent to value ratio is usually not high, so one would need a long investment horizon to hope for appreciation.

China is an exciting market to be in and I’m glad I got myself into the door with this last trip. If you are similarly interested, feel free to PM me and I’d gladly share more info. Good luck!


I think policy differs from one city to another, right? I still don’t know how to get mortgage for mainland properties though.

Overinvested in China already. Can’t take anymore risk.

Hmm, have you bought many houses in China?

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