Buying Property in Portugal

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for someone who is working or has worked in Portugal specifically in buying properties for investment.
I wanted to ask a few questions regarding the work in the area and so on.


I posted this related story awhile ago…

Have you worked in the area at all?

I visited Portugal 20 years ago. There are many other places in Europe that are more desirable. RE is cheaper there for a reason

How is a visit from 20 years ago relevant? Although Portugal is probably still undesirable, a lot can change in that time frame.


The people weren’t friendly and the food wasn’t as good as Italy and France. There are many places in the world to visit. If they don’t have friendly people good food and great weather I am not going. And I have Portuguese blood.

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Thank you so much for answering and your insights. The real question is it worth buying property for investment there. There has been alot of talk about how the tourists scene is very big there at the moment.
Do you know anything about that?

I live in a tourist town. South Lake Tahoe. The Algarve in Portugal is very popular with British and German tourists. It is a party place like the coast in Spain. I think a lot of locals resent the bad behavior of tourists. Similar problem in Tahoe. Measure T banned vacation rentals in South Lake Tahoe .

Similar problem in Barcelona. Their is a anti tourist movement in Europe and the US. Sonoma county, Monterey, Carmel and Pacific Grove, all have restrictions or outright bans on VHRs.

Make sure you investigate local politics before investing.

Yeah I’m sure it’s not easy living in an area that is mostly tourists. Thanks for the insights.