Bye, Bye Oakland

Ok, the RE agent said it is recorded…I am officially no longer an owner of a property in the City of Oakland. Wow, 25 years of ownership. It has been mostly good Oakland! Thanks for the depreciation, cash flow, and APPRECIATION!!!

I leave you Oakland to some of the gang here (Fearless Leader, Mr. South Lake Tahoe and @caiguycaiguy and anyone else).

Now, RE agent, let’s finish up the exchange!!!



Come on, no tears!!! Just think, that means I have more time to post on here…


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Actually, with the relative downsizing in chores that means I will have time to get my RE license and (gasp) dabble in the market with you boys and girls!!! Yes, that market, the stock market!!! Just a bump in the road right now, right? Time to play with the big boys…

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Dang, 25 years, that’s like almost longer than @RealEstatebull and me have been alive.


And I was only born yesterday :slight_smile:

Deprection? Did the price ever fell below your purchase price at any point? And what’s your total appreciation in 25 years? Let’s see how much your Oakland property lagged S&P500 in 25 years. Let’s compare price change only, leave out rental income and dividend for another day.

I am reasonably happy, that’s all that matters (so no details)…

Remember, you can’t take it with you so do what you can to make that run last as long as you can. At some point, you simply CASH OUT baby!!! Or, do an exchange…:grin:


The way you’re doing the exchange is definitely interesting. I need to keep that trick in my back pocket for later.

Well, as long as it is permissible by The Man (IRS)…

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Can you or @sfdragonboy describe that trick again briefly? I think I missed out on that conversation…

No trick really, just applying the rules and regs of the 1031 Exchange…

Didn’t you 1031 to buy a home that you’ll use as a rental? Then after x amount of time you can move into it as a primary. I don’t remember the time period required.

It’s similar to converting a primary to a rental. You can wait just short of 3 years to sell and still get $500k tax free capital gains.

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Right and I believe the x amount of time is a gray area so you need to overkill probably just to be sure. I figure 2 or 3 years should be plenty…

Right, so we will live there for a spell and once that deadline on the cap gains exclusion is near we need to say, Yay or Nay on the selling of our Sunset home so that we don’t have to reset the clock from scratch later if we move back.

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Congratulations on your smart buy 25 years ago!

In 25 years, your gain is not much higher than 500k?

The risk is that your gain will be much more than 500k in a few years so your conversion to primary might be not as lucrative as you think. Also Oakland appreciation could be much higher than San Bruno.

I think a never sell strategy is simple and effective. It’s better just cashout and buy another.

My gain was higher than 500K…

I couldn’t sell and pay Uncle Sam or pay a few 100K in taxes according to my IRS buddy. Remember, I fully depreciated out (2017 tax year is my last full dep year).

You can’t overthink or do the splitting of the hairs on every deal @BAGB. Seriously. I could also argue that the using of the equity from that investment home years ago to buy my Sunset home obviously landed me way even more money too right?

Life is short, go live it…


SFDBoy, You have the right idea, good to see this. Indeed - you have been playing the long game. I agree with your sentiment - you cannot always think about maximizing profit.

Counting money / maximizing profit at some point gets to be a disease. The disease causes people to focus only on the number and then it gets difficult to see life as it is — and life can be short.

Everything in moderation.

SFDBoy - enjoy! Go spend a little and buy the running free range chicken this time instead of the regular chicken. :smile:

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Congrats. Now time to exchange / upgrade that CRX…

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Yeah, time to spend some of your hard earned money and enjoy!

Hopefully means more time to post more now! @sfdragonboy

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