CA ADU Bills Go To Gov's Desk!

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Are you building one dragonboy?



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No, changed my mind after all. I got the $40K grant too for soft costs and gave the money back. I know…

I actually took the day off today to take care of a few appts at my Sunset home, and yeah I do miss it there. We will most likely sell San Bruno next year and move back to the Sunset place. You want a 4 bed 3 bath rancher with a semi detached garage and basketball court???

Since the ADU idea died for San Bruno, I am holding out hope for the Fremont home. The Fremont home has the lowest property tax bill of all of them, so a Plan B would be to make that my primary US home while we are in Asia. Once having that lowest property tax basis, the idea is that we trade for a nice 2 bd condo in Millbrae or San Mateo for care-free living for the rest of our days. No more home maintenance for us!!!

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You saw the light… I have two ADUs… they came with the property in both cases. I have a potential JADU but the county probably won’t allow it… the real problem is they cost too much.
South Lake Tahoe is building “affordable” housing…
250 units… modular construction… over $800k each for two bedroom apartments… 10 years in planning. 1 year plus for construction…

Yup, more sizzle than reality with a lot of these prefab models. Well, at least at this point in the game. For the right setting/property, I do believe adding an ADU could work. I am talking areas with wider streets and way bigger, more level lots so that something can easily be trucked onto property and dropped off without much hassle.

I will send pictures. My friend knows the builder. I want to get the cooks tour… he hangs out at the bar at my favorite local Mexican restaurant… mainly because of the cute twins that bartend.

The units came from the BA. Were staged at the Heavenly
parking lot. Stacked 3 stories high… Then roof trusses were stacked.
Now they are scaffolding it and putting on siding… lots of on-site work. The city inspector is there full time.

Cost is not a concern for you. So what’s the real problem?

The real problem is that if you afford them you don’t need them.

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Saw in Millbrae.

Nothing destroys the “neighborhood” in the burbs like garage conversions.

Royalty sounds like total scam

Don’t you mean royal scam? :blush:

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Well, my Fremont neighborhood has many homes where they converted the garage into living space since the driveways are huge enough that you can still park 3-4 cars easily. To me, an easy and cheap way to go from say a 3/1 to a 4/2.

And let’s not forget that the Sunset and Richmond districts of the Fab 7x7 are full of garage inlaws. Sure, more cars parked then on the streets but you added needed housing fairly easily without going up or out.

Being the key word. This cheapens suburban neighborhoods. Destroys their character. Urbanizes them. Attracts cheap people to buy or rent.

The better answer, for quality of housing and quality of life, where demand for space is the driving factor as you have identified, is remove and replace existing SFH with multi unit density. And, parking space on property.

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I don’t know too many “cheap” people buying nearly $2M Sunset home…

Dollars don’t buy class. Or, social graces. Or, good neighbors.

Perhaps, but if you ask me, would I rather be in the Sunset with the garage inlaws or in Bay View/Hunter’s Point with the live rounds, I just might pick the former…

I am staying on my farm where we are father than pistol range apart… plus I have miles of 10’ high deer fences … good fences make good neighbors…

Darn anti-social, non-conformists won’t get with the program! :wink: