California now requires solar power for all homes built after 2020

LOL :slight_smile: You mean let the environmentalist pro-mandatory solar commies sue the environmentalist tree huggers that won’t let you take down heritage trees?

Give me some popcorn!

Macron may lose his presidency over climate tax. I hope Newsom won’t get a recall for the climate tax on the roof :rofl:

You like Newsom? You know he’s pro prop10.

No, Governor Hair is anti prop 10.

Newsom is against Prop 10, however he supports rent control. It’s a mixed bag.

I don’t get the hate. Solar panels will be wrapped into mortgage, but monthly expenses will drop (less electricity from grid) more than the increase in mortgage payments.


Solar panels don’t make sense for a lot of homes. Especially towns like Palo Alto that restricts tree cutting. I haven’t seen any solar panels in Tahoe. Snow, shading from other buildings, orientation, trees. There are probably only 50% of new homes where solar makes sense


Sure, then they won’t install many panels (if at all) on those homes that aren’t viable.

You underestimate the stupidity of bureaucracy and construction codes. Once something is put in the code common sense is irrelevant.
Just met with building inspector today. Even they admit confidently that many code items are BS.

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Flexibility is one of the most underestimated value. Once you lose the flexibity by a rigid code which majority of the population is not able to understand correctly due to lack of intelligence and time, you would have an expensive Housing market with many homeless

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Sadly you could be right that a big government will benefit a small number of people who are well connected, or simply too smart to be bogged down by the government process. But still, everyone can be jailed just like Huawei CFO, no matter you are Clintons or Bushes. When government wants to get you, they will always find a way to jail you even if you are living by the book because many regulations can be conflicting with each other. When you conform to regulation A, you can also break regulation B at the same time.

Big government made me rich. Before 1982 structural engineering wasn’t required on sfhs. A host of other requirements have been added since in CA…These requirements have tripled the cost relative to Texas. Are Texans less safe? Hanera doesn’t think so and I agree.


Thank you for the info. Didn’t realize that.


Not news. A gift to solar industry. Who got paid off?

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Yup, that’s California. Nothing is ever thought through, so now people with solar panels will pay fees.

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this is actually good IMO. this is my world. Solar is a legit PITA for the grid, the variability mucks up the feeders which aren’t meant to handle the spikes (if a cloud passes over the sun, the output goes down then back up).

what this is going to push even further are whole home Inverters that balance everything on the home (solar, storage, EV charging, HVAC and hotwater) and then output a more steady amount of either pull or push onto the grid. Utilities have no idea what is going on behind a meter, and its getting so bad in CA that it was one of the reasons we had brownouts last summer in August (they were not aware of the level of demand and how much and where it was increasing and what was being used for demand response). This is going to force more grid friendly solutions.

company in point that I am tracking: there are several of these, but this is the one that I so far know the most about


@girlykick is Ossiaco same as Tesla solar eco-system with power wall, solar roof?

Just tell me whether it will be bullish for my ENPH.


So the state is requiring homes to have solar but the grid can’t handle it. Brilliant! I can’t imagine what can go wrong.

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