California now requires solar power for all homes built after 2020

Something tells me this ain’t gonna help solve the “housing crisis”:

Adding rooftop solar to a home typically costs about $8,000 to $12,000, Raymer said.


it’s not going to have much of an impact in expensive areas, but $12k added to a $150k house… um… maybe they can settle for fewer panels/ smaller inverter

But aren’t there programs out there that install panels for free? Why force people to pay upfront?

nobody is forced to pay upfront. Solarcity has 2 programs. One of them you own the panels, and they finance them at ~4%. They look how much electricity the panels produce each month and multiply that with a number e.g. 20 cents. That is your monthly payment. A good portion of it is principal. The loan is paid off in less than 30 years.

Other models are where the county pays for it and it gets added to your taxes.

All these models have in common that you pay for it. So, it adds to the cost of the house.

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Seems like small beans compared to home prices.

It’s in the mortgage. Probably a wash at worst since it saves you $$ on the electricity bill.

This may drive more people homeless in Bakersfield and other low cost areas. Rich liberals make policy to save the earth, poor liberals will go sleep in the street.

Too much regulation. Maybe they should change the regulation that everyone will get a free solar roof, paid from the policy maker’s bank account and future income.

Yeah, with the new law, the panels have to be paid upfront and no option to “lease” them anymore…
It would be stupid for those new houses in the woods under the shallow to have any solar panels.
I wonder how this law could possibly be constitutional :face_with_monocle:


Right, that’s what I meant. After 2020 you have to buy the panels, and it’d be embedded in the mortgage. There’s no room for other creative financing schemes like what we have now to pay for it.

These kinds of small scale local energy production are pretty inefficient to begin with. I suspect it’d be much more cost effective to have the power plants switch to renewable energy source.

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Some new houses will be exempt if solar panels are infeasible, such as when a roof is in the shadows of another structure.

The state exempted taller housing structures where there is not enough rooftop space to handle residents’ electric needs. In some instances, the solar requirement can be met through a shared installation within a community.

The new regulations will not apply to remodels.

Just another impediment to affordable housing…When will the poor realize liberals are not out for their best interest…Only certain areas and housing orientation makes sense…For instance there are none in Tahoe…too many trees and snow…Typical engineering fiat done by boneheaded enviromentalists…

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Too much regulation. They need to retire some regulations and reduce new regulations.

Liberals are all for confiscating people’s freedom.

Did solar industry paid these liberals?

Never lease solar…The loan will still be in place When the system needs replacing…

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All the regulations put in place in the last 50 years have just added costs…Tripling the costs of construction relative to cpi…I live in a fifty year old home and I feel safe…All the crap laid on the construction business since 1968 has not made anyone feel safer…

Why not put regulation on efficiency, instead of a specific tech?

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Nanny is expensive. Your nanny state costs 10% of your income.

You can’t fire your nanny

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Done deal:

It’s a non-issue to rich neighborhood. It’ll make the poor people homeless due to higher costs. Let’s hope that yellow vests won’t need to come to California

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The biggest problem is not everyone can make use of them. I’d love to have solar here, but we are under two large trees. I think trees are important for the environment too…

Let the solar panel sue the trees

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