California tops national list of priciest ZIP codes for home sales. By a lot

Move over, New York – a California community now has the priciest ZIP code in the U.S. (And it’s not 90210).

A year-end report by real estate database PropertyShark finds that California had 77 of the nation’s top 100 most expensive ZIP codes for home sales in 2017 – including five of the list’s top 10. New York ranked second with 19 of the top 100. No other state had more than two ZIP codes on the list.

The top U.S. ZIP code by home sale prices was 94027 in Atherton, part of California’s Silicon Valley, which posted a median sale price of $4.95 million, displacing 2016’s leader – 11962 in Sagoponack, N.Y., which fell to 15th on the list.

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We have 3 on the top 10 list: Atherton, Palo Alto and Los Altos. Also:

No ZIP codes from Sacramento, Fresno, Stanislaus or San Luis Obispo counties made the list.


Nevada’s top zip codes are all in Lake Tahoe…Glenbrook is number one

These are the zips you would want to avoid when purchasing investment properties… :wink:

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Correct. If you are lucky enough to own in these zip codes enjoy life, for investment look elsewhere.

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Update on priciest zip codes in the nation…

Alas for us, we have the misfortune of living in, and hence having to pay for, the most expensive houses in the country. My 1960ish built shack, which Zillow and Redfin value as being close to $3M, would be worth $300k in the Midwest or TX/AZ/FL. I would have long ago paid it off anywhere else except here in the Bay where I am stuck with a big monthly mortgage payment till eternity. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::hot_face::money_mouth_face:

Did not know Ross is more expensive than Los Altos.

Where is Ross? Is it where Ross Perot live? Sorry, I don’t know geography. I fail this subject in school.

Marin county has traditionally been more desirable than the the South Bay. The home of old money. Tiburon,Sausalito , Belvedere, Ross, Corte Madera