Caltrans says relief on the way for Silicon Valley, Peninsula commuters

Any impact on the Belmont, San Carlos and upper peninsula RE?

Will it make traffic worse for most people? Seems that they converted free carpool lane to toll lanes. It will make it better for solo drivers who is willing to pay, but could make it worse for other people.

It’s more a government rent seeking rather than building new road.

Government can start charging a $8000 fee per car, that will reduce traffic congestion as well. Then use the tax rainfall to pay government workers a higher salary and bigger pension.

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Why didn’t they widen 101 into 10 Lanes. 101 has been the same way for over 30 years. What are they thinking.

If everyone pays them $8000 per year, they can build a 2 story freeway

Musk cult: Give the contract to Musk Boring company for underground traffic !:rofl:

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Can musk do it for free?

Government spent $567 million to install fee collection devices to convert carpool lane to toll lane from San Bruno to Redwood City. Everything is expensive. Do they convert to toll lane to collect more tax from the people? Or were they sincerely wishing to give rich people a faster commute? Do they need to give free toll lanes to low income drivers?

If Musk can use non-union labor and use tons of robots, he may be able to do it at a reasonable cost.

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Why does he need to do it free? No pay No work.

No. Investors give him startup capital to build these things. Come on hanera, I thought you knew how capitalism works.

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