Capital gain tax on death: Real estate inheritance impact?

Again? Want to reverse an age old reasoning?

How come democrats always in need of money? Can’t they get those $ from the philanthropy fund started by BG?

Because they want to make US more like Singapore, and frankly pretty much every other advanced economy.

Most Singaporeans live in government housing. Students automatically qualify for government grants that cut 50-80% of college tuition. And don’t forget SG’s universal health coverage.

But Singapore doesn’t tax the rich! In fact, many claimed that Singapore is pro-business, pro-rich!

SG is a money hub. Money flows thru so you can do well just by taking a small sip of that flow. Its small size means you don’t need a lot of money anyway.

Basically the surrounding, badly run countries like Indonesia and Malaysia subsidize the people of Singapore.


Where did you get such information? I have to admit, I am not aware. Singapore annual budget is published, didn’t notice any items that say get a sip :slight_smile:

Singaporeans are not taxed heavily because Singapore SG has other sources of funds (not the kind you claim), they are:

Land selling
Government owned companies e.g. DBS and SIA

SG companies serve the surrounding region, be it accounting firms or banking or lawyers. So their customer base is orders of magnitude larger than population of SG. These companies pay taxes with money they made from serving the badly run countries. But these tax money is only spent on SG and not on these other countries.

If NYC were its own country it won’t need to collect high taxes. By providing financial service to the whole USA, NYC will collect enough tax dollars even at low tax rate if those dollars are only used on people of NYC.

Another way SG benefits from their badly-run neighbors is by importing cheap labor. The maids and the construction workers make peanuts compared to locals and don’t get much government service. It’s the modern day slave trade.

Compared to the US Singapore is a small city state. Really pointless to compare. Compare the US with the EU more appropriate.
Where there is no innovation no social mobility and very little worth ethic except in Germany. Meanwhile there is Brexit and no need for military expenses due to the US. The Europeans scorn us as we give them free defense against Russia.

How come become NYC? Thought we are talking about USG.

Why do USA selling goods and services to many badly run nations need huge of money? Did America spend some of their doles taking care of children of other nations?

Did USA benefits from badly-run neighbors too?

How come so many homeless in HK? How come so many able men has nothing to do but demonstrate?

oh the myth about lazy European work ethic. Italian Industrial power is almost equal to US.
Italy has key contribution to Tesla manufacturing. . SGS Fairchild (Italy) before Intel .
Italy completing newest 300MM fab from STMicro.(Provider to Tesla, Starlink and Apple)
Avio Italy and GE.(All the commercial aviation engines).
Lockheed , leonarado, Augusta (aka Marine 1, F-35)
Boeing and Alenia.
what is Pininfarina design?
It was Fiat Sergio Marchionne that resurrected dead horse aka Jeep/Ram/Chrysler. Musk the master BS always need external help whether its Panasonic batteries developed in Europe or European machines to built it. his Tesla tires are Italian

Europe is much more sophisticated in politics than what is stated in there news and analysis.
Do you know why there are more Korean cars sold in Europe?. why there is more Korean factories in Europe. why Korean consumer electronics are everywhere in Europe but not Japanese.
Korean ship building is the most famous now. all the complex LNG tankers.
Its the Korean that built Nuclear power in UAE…
do you know how Korean got superior work ethic than Japanese?. Europe set the trend for rest of the world.


startups that actually build some thing are moving out to more wettier weather and lower tax rate.

WTF? Italy. US is 8x higher in output

Both Italy and SKorea yearly exports in goods are over $500b each. so how can there total domestic manufacturing less than it?. Both Italy and Korea are trade surplus countries. means they dont import more to export.

.Its all related to Crude and Soyabean. and for that fracking you need European Engineering.
Key word is aircraft parts not whole aircraft. Europeans seem not trust the final product but less complex parts that they can integrate in there own product.

Trade: In December 2020, the top exports of United States were Aircraft Parts ($6.5B), Refined Petroleum ($5.39B), Soybeans ($4.9B), Crude Petroleum ($4.66B), and Commodities not elsewhere specified ($4.4B). In December 2020 the top imports of United States were Cars ($17.6B), Computers ($10.1B), Telephones ($9.31B), Commodities not elsewhere specified ($9.28B), and Crude Petroleum ($6.66B).