Case Study: Sunset/Parkside Homes On The Market


Is it high? Isn’t that because sewage is included on the bill?


I am new to the county so better that someone chime in, but I did see this article that references it. Maybe @dioworld should know more about the property taxes…


Wow, came within 34K of my guess of 500K over asking!!!


Ok, double whammy:

  1. 2424 - easy death, x two…

  2. Your house is on a freeway…

Still sold for 1M, not much over asking but frankly, the seller should be damn happy in this slowing market…


I often times wonder how the owner park.


Oh, a lot of people simply park on the curbs themselves overnight with the cars in direction ready to pull out into traffic so that they don’t have to deal with pulling out of the garages. Imagine needing to do that, backwards and if the street is blocked up you are at the mercy of probably irate commuters as it is. No…thanks!!!


It’s your house they are bypassing. You have more right to that piece of street than any other person. You back your car out with the least concern about other cars. You take your time. You make them slam on their brakes and wait for you while you casually stop, switch gear, and pause for a good moment before pressing on that accelerator and inch forward slowly. If they dare to even try honking, you slam on that brake for good and come to a complete stop. You force them to switch to another lane in order to move along.


Aah yes, the man with 9 lives…


summary of wuqijun: “I don’t give a shit about others” . hahaha


He’s got the bankroll to back it up…

Kinda like my Big Bro. Could give a rat’s arse about his neighbors in Saratoga. If he wants to park a beat up truck in his drive up driveway, he’ll do it just to thumb his nose at them.


Geez, Inner Sunset beauty goes Pending in 4 days…and it is not like it is cheap


Ok, here is a nice Outer Sunset one with some high end finishes. But will it go for this price???


I think so…


Ok, I stopped by this one since it was open today for presumably brokers. This one should tell us how the current Sunset market is fairing. It says 4 bedrooms but actually is not. No way. Really more like 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with an unwarranted space below. I heard the realtor tell a lady that they are legal but the downstairs’ room(s) were at best 6 ft high. Yes, the ocean views are nice from the back balcony but the house is a dump that needs everything.

Ok, looking at the listing history some funny business is going on. I guess it fell out of contract or something. Previously just a month or two before this was listed as a 3/1. Now a 4/3.5??? WTH!!! False advertising!!!


They counted the “ proposed SF “


Can they actually do that? I was always under the impression that a listing has to reflect the current state/condition as “fact” and then what is proposed or what alterations that have been permitted and approved (if that was the case) would be added accordingly.


Legally no, they are taking a gamble


Man, property is a tad hard on the eyes and even with so many 4’s, a 1/1 unit sells for over a half mil…


Sold under for 1.15M…