Case Study: Sunset/Parkside Homes On The Market


Ok, if this POS sells for more than list, the market is def not down…

(Come on, Agent, get the Street name right, ok???)


Alrighty, nice corner fixer with definite inlaw potential galore. Lucky chinese price tag to boot. Maybe 500K over asking???


Ok, time for a quick check on the Sunset market. One pic probably says it all, right? Ok, let’s see what this fixer presumably sells for. If it goes way over 1M market is still strong…


this pos didn’t sell at all?


Just listed… already over 300 views and 24 favorites…


the one i refered is


Oh, yes, I am still tracking that one… obviously no takers as we thought.


Ok, listing price reduction is showing up in Sunset now (granted this one was a dog)




Yes, the horror…

Actually, it is true that a lot more listings. I think last week I could have sworn that 20+ homes came on to the market that were Sunset designated in my queue search. Not good…


this one way better though. and asking cheaper probably owner will look at 1.5+ or somehting


With so much product coming onto the market, I guess I have to expect pricing to head south in the Sunset now. The higher interest rates aren’t helping.


Not sure about sf, but more headwinds in southbay will be h4 situation. Not huge impact, but some for sure.


H4 thing has existed for 2-3 years only… So, yeah some effect…


Our markets can handle pretty much any storm. At the end of the day, we can rely on the fact that this whole area is generally a great area to live and so any price reductions are short-lived.


maybe i’ll have chance to buy a millbrae . haha


Sitting pretty and just waiting for a steal to come by…


I heard from melanie some of her clients are fleeing sunset to daly city.
daly city inventory still moves, but i can see it moves slower…


Cuz there are less potholes :slight_smile:


Well, if DC’s property tax is so high relatively speaking then I expect the streets to be perfect…